Lucifer, or Satan, the personification of evil.[1]

The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, all of whom are evil.[2]

Evil is a word used to describe that which is the opposite of good. Superheroes are generally described as fighting evil, such as supervillains, alien invaders, terrorists and organized crime.

Although the concept of good vs. evil is as old as human history, the understanding of it is not always clear. Some have a different view on what is considered evil, whereas some have differing opinions. Not all criminals necessarily believe they are committing evil, as they are only trying to survive, and to do that, they steal, and commit other crimes, viewing the governments as part of the problem that they have no money. Others look at money itself as "the root of all evil," expressing the sentiments of the Apostle Paul.[3]

Some others may commit evil with the belief that in doing these "necessary evils," they are working in servitude of the "greater good." This is a view that is widely controversial, and it is usually looked on in a negative way by most of the superhero community. The League of Assassins basically operate under this belief, although most people view them as every bit as evil as others who commit evil acts.

Satan is a demon that is often thought of as the personification of evil, since it was he, in the form of a serpent, that committed the first "evil act," by rebelling against God and successfully tempting the first human pair to eat forbidden fruit, causing them to lose God's favor. With that, Satan established evil among the human race. It is widely taught throughout Christianity, that evil people are exiled to hell following their deaths.

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