Engine parts

Parts of a tugboat engine.[1]


Simeon Shamon switches off the cable car's engine.[2]

Boat engine

Noah Tall starting the engine on a motorboat.[3]

An engine or motor was a type of machine designed to create motion, and they were usually lubricated by motor oil.[4] They were commonly used in various types of vehicles, such as motor vehicles like cars, trucks and motorcycles. They were also used for trains and cable-cars. Aircraft and spacecraft were also propelled by engines, as well as watercraft, such as tugboats.



When Clark Kent and Lois Lane were in flight in a small private plane above the Amazon Rainforest, the airplane's engine malfunctioned and they were forced to make a landing in the Amazon River.[5]

Once, when Marvin, Wendy, Wonder Dog and Lila Labonne were riding on a cable car, unknown to them, Doctor Shamon switched off the cable-car's motor, and Marvin assumed that it simply "conked out."

Noah Tall and Twisty were riding in a motorboat at Boat Lake, disguised as fisherman. They were attempting to kidnap the Krim family, who were fishing with Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog. Noah Tall tells Twisty that once he starts the motor to toss the anchor into the Balunian's boat. Upon starting it, he does just that, and they tow the rowboat, but the aliens get away by taking off in flight.[6]

Aquaman saved a fishing boat that was having motor trouble. This is what made him late to meet the Krim family so that they could go on an underwater sightseeing trip with him.[7]

King Plasto used laser beams to sculpt the engine parts of his pantograph built FRERP tugboat.[8]

During a time when his oil "looked like orange juice," an oil driller complains to Aquaman, telling him the the world runs on wheels, and engines are what keep them turning, but they cannot turn without being lubricated by oil.[9]

A large hidden motor was inside the Mole residence that was used to turn the building around, making it appear as a truck garage to people traveling down the road.[10]

The motor of the Mole family's drillmobile had a magneto.[11]

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Engine parts


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