Humans filing for government benefits due to a lack of employment.[1]

A person who had employment was often considered a very lucky person, because it meant that they had a job that provided them with income.

This didn't always mean they had enough to make ends meet, but it was at least helpful enough to allow them to pay for food, so that their family could eat. Some people felt that living in partial poverty, even with minimum wage jobs was better than starving or sleeping in the streets.

Employment wasn't something that wealthy people had to worry about much. At least not their own employment, since they were already rich, using their own corporations to make that so. Still, some, such as Gotham City's wealthy Bruce Wayne, was interested in making more and more jobs available in his company for people without employment.

Unemployment was one of the many economic hardships faced by the Human race during the history of their kind on the planet Earth. Often times, unless granted governmental assistance through unemployment benefits, a person who was unemployed for too long of a period could have became homeless.



In 1990, Major Disaster and Big Sir were filing for unemployment benefits, since they didn't have employment, and coincidentally, they also see Cluemaster and Clock King filing for benefits as well. And by some strange stroke of luck, Bruce was the unemployment clerk.

Major Disaster saw this as fate's way of bringing the old team back together again. So they went off to recruit Multi-Man, who was living in the mansion of Mrs. Kripplebush, and they do a job, by robbing a New York City museum.

Things don't go exactly as they had planned however, because they ran into terrorists there, and ended up fighting and defeating them. Many grateful people that were saved in the process didn't realize that they had intended to rob the place, and instead thought they were superheroes.

This led to yet another job for the Injustice League, which set them on the path of the straight and narrow, and they were hired by Maxwell Lord, who allowed them to serve as superheroes for the Justice League at their Antarctica branch, under the leadership of the Green Lantern named G'Nort. Although many of them were disgruntled and insulted since they were posted in Antarctica, and they also encountered Killer Penguins; they were at least...not seeking employment.[2]


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