The capitol city of a major empire.[1]

An empire was a type of monarchy that was ruled by either an emperor or an empress. An empire was usually larger in scale then that of a kingdom, in fact an empire could have actually at times been made up of several kingdoms.

Some empires, such as the Roman Empire and the British Empire, were vast and very powerful during their day. Rome was the capitol of the Roman Empire, from where it got its' name.

Other empires were even larger, some on an interplanetary and even interstellar scale, made up of several planets, moons, asteroids, planetoids etc.; often times including more than one solar system. Interplanetary empires included the likes of the Citadel Empire and Thanagarian Empire.

The United Planets was quite vast, with several solar systems that contained member worlds, however, it was not technically considered an empire, as the government, the capitol of which was Metropolis on Earth, was not a monarchy. Still, there were times when it may have been be considered as such due to its' size and power.

Known empires


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