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The title or other information in this article is taken from the Super Powers franchise that spun off from the Super Friends franchise, beginning with the Super Powers Collection, and continuing in a variety of books, comics, toys and games, particularly the DC Heroes RPG.

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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Ellie Mae Skaggs
Real name: Elly Mae Skaggs
Species: Vampire
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-One
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Paw Skaggs (father); Mammy Skaggs (mother)
Base: Fayerville

Elly Mae Skaggs, also known as Skeeter, was a vampire from Fayerville, South Carolina.



Elly Mae Skaggs, also known as Skeeter, was originally an ordinary human who was turned into a vampire three days after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. She then killed her parents, terrorizing her hometown of Fayerville, South Carolina and creating a progeny of vampires for more than a century. By the late 20th century, Skeeter's killings expanded into Gotham City and eventually gained the attentions of Batman and Superman. Skeeter fought the two heroes until she is ultimately impaled with a stake by Batman and is destroyed. Following Skeeter's demise, Batman took care in eliminating Skeeter's remaining vampires.

Powers and Abilities

Damn, He Done Got That Skeeter..

The end of Skeeter

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  • Wooden Stake: Like all vampires, Ellie could presumably only be killed by a wooden stake, which was exactly how she met her end.


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  1. And also died.
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