Robin inside an elevator.[1]

An elevator is a vehicle that functions as a vertical transport device designed for transportation to floors and sub-levels of a building.

There was an elevator in Simeon Shamon's lab which lead to the cable car room, which is where his very own cable-car was located.[2]

There were elevators at Noah Tall's fortress. Noah Tall and Twisty used one such elevator to take them up to the Cloud Buster Launch Room so as to escape the Superfriends by jumping down the Cloud Buster Launch Slide. They were unsuccessful at getting away however, as they were captured by Superman.[3]

In the FRERP Arena, an elevator is what gives a person access to the upper control console.[4]

The Gateview Prison Warden takes Superman and Wonder Woman into an elevator that leads to the Raven's nest.[5]


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