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El Dorado
El Dorado (07x07a - Attack of the Cats).png
Real name: El Dorado
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Base: Hall of Justice
Affiliations: SuperFriends
International Heroes
Voiced/Played: Fernando Escandon
El Dorado Gallery

International Hero and SuperFriends Team Member

El Dorado is a Hispanic superhero.

While not a member of the Justice League of America, he is a member of the SuperFriends!

Background Information from Earth-1A

No true origin was given for El Dorado. We do know that he was of Mexican descent[1] and that he was knowledgeable about Pre-Columbian history (yet vague in his explanations). He also assisted the Super Friends whenever they were forced to enter unfamiliar ruins or areas in Latin America. He spoke broken English with an accent, sporadically substituting common Spanish words or phrases, such as adding words like "rápido" and replacing nearly every instance of "yes" with "".


SuperFriends Team Members

Episode Appearances


  • El Dorado was created solely for the Super Friends cartoons and never appeared in a DC Comic prior. He would make his leap into comics in the 5th issue of Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Amanda Waller in 2017.
  • El Dorado was created by SuperFriends writer, David Villaire.[2]
  • Villaire on the creation of El Dorado: "I thought a lot about that. That’s why I created a character that went deep into the history of Spain and Mexico, the mythology of the past. He wasn’t the stereotypical Mexican. It was kind of the combination of a lot of Spanish cultures. I remember giving this character a lot of power and he was admired by the others. I’d already written a screenplay on the Incas. That was never produced [at least in part due to the expense of period pieces], but it served its purpose and I got a very good agent through it."[3]
  • He first appeared as a minor character in the 1981 animated shorts, and later in SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show as a full-time member.
  • He was from a non specified Latino nation was added as one of several attempts to encourage diversity among the characters.
  • El Dorado is the only one of the original characters created for the SuperFriends series not to have a Ultimen counterpart. This was likely due to the fact that unlike the other original characters, El Dorado was basically a Latino version of Superman without powers built around a specific theme, leaving little to base an Ultimen counterpart on.


El Dorado is the name of a mythical City of Gold. Its legend dates back to the 1500's.

In other media


  • In "Werewolf vs. Unicorn", an episode of Robot Chicken, Superman hands over El Dorado to the government because of his status of being an illegal alien.


  • El Dorado makes a cameo in Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon as a banner in the Mega Mondo Pop! Comic ConApalooza.
  • El Dorado makes a cameo in The Lego Batman Movie. He is seen as one of the dancing partygoers at Superman's Fortress of Solitude during the 57th Annual Justice League Anniversary Party.


  • El Dorado was scheduled to be one of the few Hanna-Barbera original heroes (along with Black Vulcan and the Wonder Twins) to receive an action figure after Samurai. However, the Super Powers Collection line was cancelled before the figures could be made.[4]
  • El Dorado was released in Series 18 of Mattel's DC Universe Classics along with several other Super-Friends/Super-Powers themed figures.[5]
  • Figures Toy Company is currently releasing 8 inch dolls for all the Super Friends, including the characters created for the show, so dolls for Black Vulcan, Samurai, Apache Chief, El Dorado, the Wonder Twins, and Wendy & Marvin can now be purchased, along with the other Super Friends, and Legion of Doom figures.[6]
  • He now can be found in the Lego set Justice League Anniversary Party, featuring other heroes such as Superman, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Dog.

Appearances in Other Media


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