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Earth Animals[2]



An Earthling was any species native to the planet Earth. Earth was home to a wide variety of species from various biological groups, including plants, animals and others.

List of Earthlings

Intelligent and humanoid life

Undead and paranormal life (not always intelligent)

Lower-intelligent life



Plant life



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  4. It is implied that they are intelligent by the dialogue that Syrene says: "My griffin told me about Superman." This implies that it can speak, which is something only intelligent beings can do. This also implies that the bird-like noises that they make is actually a language.
  5. There are also a variety of sub-species or genetically different races of humans, such as Homo magi, Amazons and Atlanteans, which are all technically human but are of a separate breed, species or evolutionary line than other humans. It should also be noted, that Neanderthals are theoretically ancestors of the human race, and therefore they could be considered a "pre-human" race.
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