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Image from JLA, Vol #1 147.

Earth-Two-A is the semiofficial name of the universe where the Golden Age Superman stories (and perhaps all Golden Age stories not assigned to other earths) happened.

It takes its name from Earth-Two, which is a parallel universe that existed prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It featured the Justice Society of America as well as older versions of Superman (Earth-2A), Batman (Earth-2A) and Wonder Woman (Earth-2A). Earth-Two-A is an almost exact duplicate of it.

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History and Background Information

According to The Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index this Earth (called Alternate Earth Two) was originally named by E. Nelson Bridwell in the Superman Family letters page and was used to explain the discrepancies between the Earth-Two Superman and the actual Golden Age Superman stories. Using the Earth naming convention for below 52 Pre-Crisis Earths (Earth-spelled out number) the name becomes "Earth-Two Alternate" or Earth-Two-A

This reality's defining characteristic was a Clark Kent who worked for the Daily Planet under editor George Taylor who was replaced by editor Perry White in 1940, fought a bald Lex Luthor beginning in 1941, and demonstrated "super muscular control" which allowed him to contort his face into any form of disguise that he wished in 1942, but lost for undisclosed reasons in 1947.

Brainiac was a biological being rather than an android as he required to go into status for long interstellar trips.[1]

Furthermore Superman would recall his Superboy career (which didn't happen on Earth-Two).

In short, effectively every Golden age comic involving Superman and especially Superboy took place on Earth-Two-A with the Earth-Two Superman experiencing similar adventures.

While the Golden age Batman and Superman did join the Justice Society they weren't the founding members as on Earth-Two.

This reality may have also had a variant of Max & Dave Fleischer Superman cartoons which would imply that there was was no Holy Grail keeping this Superman from operating in Japan. (As was true for the Earth-Two version.)

The characters of the Arrowverse referred to the Superman cartoon universe as Earth-F.[2]

Natives of Earth-Two-A

Justice Society:


Natives of Krypton

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