Wonder Twins early concept art

The Superfriends of Earth-P1A.[1]

Earth-1PA was an Earth that existed in a parallel universe.

It was wildly similar to Earth-1A, except on this Earth, the Wonder Twins' doppelgängers had different names.

Zan's doppelgänger was named Dick, Jayna's was named Jane, and Gleek's was named Mighty Monkey.

The League of Evil may have also existed on this Earth. Presumably this was the only difference between the two Earths.[2]


  • The name of this universe was never revealed in any canonical sources, as it was never meant to be "official," since it wasn't actually ever produced. The name for this universe was coined by User:Noah Tall.[3]


  1. This image was drawn by Alex Toth during the early pre-production stage of Season 2.
  2. The real world reason for the different names was because the names were changed later on during pre-production.
  3. The reason for the name was because it was originally supposed to be Earth-1A, but they ended up changing the Wonder Twins early on, so the "P" was added meaning "Prototype," since they were the prototypes of the Wonder Twins.
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