SuperFriends Comic Book Character
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Real name: Duela Dent
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Relatives: Harvey Dent (Father)
Occupation: Crime Fighter (?)
Base: Gabriel's Horn
Affiliations: Teen Titans

Teen Titans Team Member

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Duela Dent is the biological daughter of Two-Face. She originally used the alias "Joker's Daughter".

Background Information

In the parallel universe of Earth-One, not much is known about Duela Dent. When we first see her, she is claiming to be the daughter of the infamous Joker. To atone for her father’s crimes, she seeks membership into the Teen Titans. Robin reveals her to the team, but not all members of the Titans were in favor of this idea. She later reveals her true father was Two-Face and changes her name to Harlequin.[1]

As Harlequin, Duela utilized gimmicks such as smoke-inducing powder puffs and bullet-firing lipstick.

Powers and Abilities



  • Duela Dent was created by Bob Rozakis, first appearing in Batman Family, Vol. 1 #6 (August, 1976).
  • Duela's name came from the word "dual", referring to Two-Face's personality.


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  1. As revealed in Teen Titans, Vol. 1 #48 (June, 1977)
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