A man at a basketball court attempts to sell a boy a drug.[1]

A drug was any substance; excluding food, that when taken caused a physiological change in the body.

Some drugs were used for medical purposes. These were called pharmaceuticals. Many of these drugs were manufactured and distributed legally, and were even sold in places such as the Pharmacy, Ohio Drug Store and Spears Drugs.

Some were considered "over the counter," but other types had to be prescribed by a doctor, otherwise they were considered illegal. Taking, selling and buying drugs illegally was a crime. Taking too much drugs was considered a form of self-abuse, and could lead to, and may already be an indication that one is suffering from drug addiction.

Drug abuse among teenagers and humans that were even younger was very common during the 20th century, particularly during the 1980s, which was when the New Teen Titans stopped a drug runner from selling a drug to a boy who was playing basketball.[2]

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