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A native of a planet in the same solar system as Dredfahl.[1]

Dredfahl was the nineteenth planet in the Vega system.

It was a geologically active planet with a tremendous amount of volcanic activity which had rendered its' atmosphere toxic.

Colonization of this world was attempted in the past, but those efforts were discontinued because of the hostile environmental conditions. Instead, Dredfahl became the Vegan system's garbage dump of both toxic and hazardous waste, and of sentient trash.

For many years, Dredfahl was also used as a prison planet, and although that use was eventually discontinued, the ruthless exiled society that arose among the prisoners remained in those who elected to stay upon the planet after the prison was relocated.

If a member of an oxygen-breathing race remained unprotected on Dredfahl's surface, they would indeed face death. However, such a person could survive on the planet if they were to wear an environmental suit.[2]

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