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Filmation Character
Dragon-like Beast
Dragon-like Beast.jpg
Real name: Unrevealed[1]
AKA: The Beast; Deadly Beast
Species: Dragon-like beast
Homeworld: Rubberoid Homeworld
Universe: Earth-One
Occupation: Guard dog[2]
Voiced/Played: ??

The dragon-like beast was a massive creature used by the Crystalloids to guard the Rubberoid hostages at the Crystalloid Compound.

Superboy and Krypto approach the large prison complex, expecting to have to fight the large dragon-like monster, but Krypto ends up making friends with him instead.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

  • Alien Physiology: The animal was not a native of planet Earth, and therefore it had an appearance and abilities that were foreign to most Earth creatures. However it shared similarities with dragons, both in appearance and in abilities...
    • Flight: Like many dragons and dragon-like creatures, this beast was capable of flying. He flew playfully with Krypto when they first met.
  • Fire Breath: As a dragon-like creature, it's very likely this animal was capable of breathing fire. This was implied when smoke could be seen coming out of the creature's nose.


  • Security: The creature was trained to guard the prison complex by the Crystalloids. When he met Krypto however, he quickly switched loyalties it seemed...so it's difficult to say how well the training was received by the dragon.


The Adventures of Superboy


  1. The monster's real name wasn't revealed in the episode he appeared in.
  2. This term is being used figuratively of course...as it's obvious the creature was not a literal dog.
  3. As seen in The Adventures of Superboy episode King Superboy (1968).
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