Doctor Pelagian
Doctor Pelagian
Real name: Ansel Hillbrand
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Base: The Sprite[1]
Voiced/Played: Ted Knight
Professor Ansel Hillbrand (01x05 - Dr. Pelagian's War)

Professor Ansel Hillbrand

Doctor Pelagian was a scientist that in reality was named Professor Ansel Hillbrand, a brilliant engineer and marine biologist. He was zealously trying to eliminate the threat of pollution, but he went to far, and became an eco-terrorist.

Earth-1A Background Information

History not yet written.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers

  • Aquatic telepathy: Doctor Pelagian possessed incredible telepathic powers over marine animals. His powers of telepathy were so powerful that he could even block out Aquaman's telepathic powers if he were to try and control one of the marine animals that he already had control over. How he got this ability is never revealed, although it seems to have come to him naturally.


  • Engineer: He is an expert engineer, having designed a computer that can create tidal waves, and it even had it's own defense system. When Marvin and Wendy tried to sabotage the computer with milk and glue the computer initiated a defensive program against them, stopping them from putting foreign substances into the computer.
  • Marine biology: He is an expert of marine life. Aquaman referred to him as the most brilliant marine biologist he had ever met. He even found a means to communicate with marine life, in a similar manner that Aquaman does, by somehow finding a way to give himself the super power of aquatic telepathy.
  • Diving: He is knowledgeable about diving, and he even faked his death once diving off of Point Gander.


  • The word Pelagian means; "Inhabitant of the open sea." It is a reference to the Pelasgians, or more accurately, indigenous inhabitants of the Aegean Sea region and their cultures.


Super Friends (1973)


  1. The Sprite is the name of his submarine.

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