Doctor Morpheus
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Sex: Male
Hair: brown
Base: Morpheus residence
Voiced/Played: Dan Gilvezan

Doctor Morpheus

Doctor Morpheus was a 19th century mad scientist from the city of Metropolis who invented a machine that could transfer the powers of animals into his own body. When he used it on himself, he was transformed into a terrible creature. He even tried to take over Metropolis, and at night, he would stalk the citizens and hunt them like prey. He caused a fire that nearly destroyed the entire city. Instead of trying to rebuild the city, the people of Metropolis just paved over the ruins and built over them.

More than a hundred years later, Doctor Morpheus is still alive, as his life span is apparently much longer in his mutated condition, and he comes face to face with Superman. He traps Superman into his machine and transfers Superman's powers unto himself. He then seeks to conquer the 20th Century city of Metropolis by attacking people in broad daylight. Superman tricks Morpheus into a deathmatch, luring him back to the Morpheus mansion on the basis his powers need to be recharged. Superman uses his heat vision to meld the hatch to Morpheus' machine shut, effectively imprisoning Morpheus for good, and remarking "That is the last monster Morpheus will ever make".

Powers and Abilities

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  • Doctor Morpheus seems to based upon the legend of Spring Heeled Jack.


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