SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Doctor Bedlam.jpg
AKA: Macro-Man
Species: New God
Homeworld: Apokolips
Universe: Fourth World
Eyes: photocellular
Base: Armagetto
Affiliations: Darkseid's Elite

Doctor Bedlam was a servant of Darkseid from the planet Apokolips.

Apparently at some point, his physical body was destroyed, and he became a being of pure psionic energy, he could only take on a physical form by possessing his android bodies he called "animates."

Bedlam is also one of Darkseid's chief scientists.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Powers

  • No Physical Body: Doctor Bedlam is a being of pure psionic energy and has no true body anymore, but when he inhabits one of his artificial bodies he retains the powers and abilities found in all New Gods.





  1. For more information about that DC comic book, click here.

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