The Seismological Bureau's director.[1]

Director was a title given to someone who was in charge of something, such as a company manager, or someone who has creative control over the creation of something, like a movie, as it is in the case of a film director.

When Doctor Brown was having a hard time with a super powered infant in the dispensary, the nurse told him she called the director, but in anger he tells her "Forget the director, call the army!"[2]

Caraway's secretary informed her that at 2:45 PM she had a meeting with her board of directors.[3]

Fenwick Corporation was a major industrial firm which had its' own board of directors.[4]

Wimple was the director of the United States Seismological Bureau.[5]

At the Blinken and Bristol Circus, Mrs. Cadwalader presents a plaque to the ringmaster on behalf of her board of directors.[6]

Known Directors


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