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Mera, a native of Dimension Aqua.[1]

Dimension Aqua is an otherwordly alien dimension comprised of water extending in all directions, with occasional islands of land suspended at fixed points. It is the birthplace of Atlantean Queen Mera.

Background Information

Once, a criminal named Leron seized control of an unnamed kingdom in Dimension Aqua, deposing the reigning queen, Mera. Mera was exiled and fled to the Earth-One dimension where she enlisted the aid of Aquaman and Aqualad.

Leron pursued Mera to Atlantis and engaged in battle with Aquaman, Aqualad, Mera and the water sprite Quisp. He captured them all and brought them to Dimension Aqua.

Aquaman discovered that traces of lead (as commonly found in motor oil) can remove the hard-water powers of people from Dimension Aqua. He made use of this knowledge and succeeded in defeating Leron.

Returning to Earth, Aquaman invited Mera to stay with him in Atlantis.

Known Appearances

  • Aquaman, #11 (October, 1963)
  • Aquaman, #19 (February, 1965)
  • Aquaman, #54 (December, 1970)
  • Aquaman, #58 (November, 1977)
  • Aquaman, #59 (January, 1978)
  • Aquaman, #60 (March, 1978)
  • Action Comics, #539 (January, 1983)
  • Action Comics, #540 (February, 1983)


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