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Diana White
Diana Prince White 2 (DC SPecial Series 19 Nov. 1979)
Real name: Diana 'Prince' White
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Relatives: Daniel White (husband)
Marvin White (son)
Occupation: Army Nurse
Base: Gotham City
Voiced/Played: Shannon Farnon

Diana 'Prince' White was the wife of Daniel White.

She was also the the mother of Jr. SuperFriend, Marvin White.

Background Information

On the parallel earth of Earth-1A, Diana Prince was an army nurse at the time that Wonder Woman first came to the United States from her native Paradise Island. Wonder Woman took her name, and used it as her secret identity. Diana Prince later marries Dan White, and they have a son that they name Marvin.[1]

Diana once asked her son what he was doing in the backyard. He told her he was mowing the grass, but in actuality, it was the G.E.E.C. automated lawnmower that was doing the job. She tells him that he's a good boy.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



Diana Prince White (DC SPecial Series 19 Nov. 1979)

Princess Diana, meets Diana Prince.
Image from DC Special Series, #19 (November, 1979).


  • We know that according to the SuperFriends TV Show that Diana is back in the states, living with her family.
  • It is not known how the relationship of two 'Dianas' in the states work.
  • its possible, since she got married, she is now 'Diana White', while Princess Diana is simply (and still) 'Diana Prince'. And thus using only Diana White's maiden name as a secret identity.


Golden Age Appearance:

  • Sensation Comics, #1 (January 1942)

Silver Age / Bronze Age Appearance:

  • DC Special Series, #19 (November, 1979)

SuperFriends TV Show:

SuperFriends Comic Book:

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  1. As told in Super Friends, #1 (November 1976).
  2. As seen in the Season 1 episode: Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C. (September 22, 1973).
  3. Diana's voice was only heard. She remained unseen on the SuperFriends cartoon.
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