Destroy the Defendroids

September 17, 1988  
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Superman saves Lois and Jimmy from the Defendroids!

Lex Luthor, who now disguises himself as a legitimate businessman, manufactures robotic machines called the Defendroids, which are supposedly designed to protect the citizens of Metropolis. Many citizens then make the claim that Superman is no longer needed, since Luthor's machines are more than enough to protect Metropolis. But soon it's realized by Superman that Luthor's real goal is to use the Defendroids to rob the city mint from a train, and then make the false claim that the robots had "short circuited." Superman is unable to prove Lex's involvement in the crime.


  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Beau Weaver     Superman
 Ginny McSwain     Lois Lane
 Stanley Ralph Ross     Perry White
 Michael Bell     Lex Luthor
 Mark L. Taylor     Jimmy Olsen
 Alan Oppenheimer     Jonathan Kent
 Tress MacNeille     Martha Kent
 Lynne Marie Stewart     Jessica Morganberry
 Bill Calloway     Defendroids


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Companion Episode from The Superman Family Album

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