The Deimosians are a humanoid alien race from Deimos. They are a war-like race bent on conquering the Earth. Some of them are blue and Human-like, with large pointed ears. While others have green skin and frog-like webbed fingers. This could be because they are two separate species, or it could also be because they have shape shifting abilities, making their appearances vary. This might imply that they are actually descendants of Martian colonists, which is very likely, but not known for certain.

Known Deimosians


The technology of the Deimosians seems to be quite advanced. Their spacecraft, although rocket powered, have the ability to generate artificial gravity on the inside of the craft, allowing the crew to walk around without worrying about floating off in weightlessness.

Most impressive though, is their technology that allows them to create a ghost-like monster out of pure energy, these monsters are known as Force Phantoms. They also have a magnetic weapon called a Deimosian marauder.


The New Adventures of Superman


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