Real name: Floyd Lawton
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Base: Belle Reve
Affiliations: Suicide Squad

Deadshot was a high-priced assassin and mercenary who began his career in Gotham City, sending him into conflict with Batman. He is eventually captured and he serves time at Belle Reve, where he is secretly working as a member of the Suicide Squad.


Floyd Lawton is the son of a wealthy Gotham City family. Bored by his vast wealth, Lawton trained himself to become and incredibly skilled marksman. Wearing a tuxedo and a domino mask, he became Deadshot, a new crimefighter in Gotham City. Lawton attempted to oust the Batman for his role as the revered crimefighter of Gotham. When Batman had been driven from town, Lawton intended to become the head of Gotham City's underworld.

Lawton's scheme was uncovered, and Batman set him up to confess his plans while Police Commissioner James Gordon listened. Discredited, Lawton was sent to jail. Lawton served out his term, and upon his release, updated his arsenal and hired out his services as a professional assassin.

Deadshot was repeatedly defeated by Batman. He also fought the Flash in New York City. Within days of that last battle, he was contacted in New York State Penitentiary by Colonel Rick Flag, and given an offer to join Task Force X, as a member of the Suicide Squad.[1]

Service with the Squad

Lawton accepted a full-time position with Task Force X, and has served on the Suicide Squad during most of their missions. He refused to participate in the defense of Belle Reve against the Female Furies, however, saying that "security ain't part of the deal."

Outside of Suicide Squad missions, Lawton has no personal life whatsoever. He live in the prison facilities (one of the very few members of the team to do so). Lawton recently seems to have developed a mental block against shooting the Batman. With the possibility of the Batman's interference in Squad matters, Deadshot has proven he is a liability in missions that involve facing off against Batman.[2]

Powers and Abilities

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  • Wrist-mounted guns: Although Deadshot has been seen using multiple firearms, he mostly uses his wrist-mounted guns on each arm. They fire magnum bullets when he presses a trigger button on his palm. They also contain a grappling hook that allows him to swing across buildings.


  • Deadshot first appeared in Batman # 59 (July 1950).[5]


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