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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
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Species: Starhavenite
Homeworld: Starhaven
Universe: Earth-One
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Base: Legion Headquarters
Affiliations: Legion of Super-Heroes

Dawnstar was a superhero from a planet located somewhere deep within the territory of the United Planets, in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy.



History not yet written.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

    • Enhanced Senses: Dawnstar was a master tracker and could track life forms and objects across light years of distance and through interstellar space. She could even use this ability while unconscious, asleep, under mind control, intoxicated and sensory blinded.


  • Tracking: Dawnstar is a naturally gifted tracker. She is able to track, guide and chart specific persons or objects through space.
  • Basic Hand-to-Hand combat: Like all members of the Legion, Dawnstar is trained in combat. Her combat techniques are specialized for use of her wings.





  1. For more information about that DC comic book, click here.

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