SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Dawn Granger.jpg
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-One
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Base: Washington, D.C.
Affiliations: Hawk and Dove; Titans

Dawn Granger was in reality the superhero known as Dove, who was the partner (not sidekick, but fully fledged partner) of Hawk.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

  • Danger Sense Transformation: When in the presence of danger, whether to herself or others, Dawn Granger could call out the word "Dove," the name of a common Earth bird; and be transformed into her Dove form. She did not need to be aware of the danger for the transformation to take place, so if she happened to say the word while unknowingly being in danger, the transformation would take place. The transformation only reacted to actual danger, so if Dawn incorrectly believed that she was in danger she would be unable to transform into Dove. The transformation wears off a short time after the danger has passed, unless Dove has received serious injuries which would kill Dawn, in which case she would remain as Dove until the danger from the injuries has passed. On high magic worlds she can remain as Dove for extended periods regardless of whether there is any danger present.
  • Hyper-Vigilant: As Dove her natural aptitudes are enhanced, such as her ability as a good judge of people and situations allowing her to read people and objects in a situation, within seconds, and know how they will act and react.
  • Flight: The transformation changes Granger into a minor force of Order and she gains some brilliant avian physical characteristics, which are usually hidden under her costume.
  • Concentrated Radiance: On high magic worlds her powers are enhanced, she can concentrate her radiance into a blinding beam of light.


  • Basic hand-to-hand combat: She's good at fighting, although she rarely uses her skills in a violent way, normally using her agility to dodge attacks rather than give them, thus proving her peaceful nature, she typically is able to beat that bad guys without hurting them.


  • Dawn Granger first appeared in Hawk and Dove # 1 (October 1988).[1]
  • Penguin is sexually attracted to her, as he once ogled her breasts in one comic.


  1. For more information about that DC comic book, click here.

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