Clark and Lana dating.[1]

Dating was a common tradition among Humans that involved two people, especially of the opposite sex, to get to know each other.

In most instances, dating was done in an attempt to see if the two would be fit to live as a married or domestic couple.

In America, it was common for a dating couple to go out to dinner with each other, go see a movie, go to a carnival, amusement park or even a musical venue.

Throughout the Earth, cultures and religious beliefs differed wildly as to what was considered customary for dating.

Sexuality was considered a taboo with dating, as many Christian groups believed in saving such activity for after marriage, and not during courtship.

Still, such practices were common, especially in the United States of America and many other countries on Earth.



Clark Kent's first date was with Lana Lang. First he took her to Mom's Diner, where they ate burgers and fries; then he took her to see the rock band known as The Mix, and he bought her some lemonade.[2]


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