Daniel White
'Bill' (WW 167).jpg
Real name: Daniel White
AKA: Bill White[1]
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-One
Relatives: Diana Prince White
Base: Gotham City
Abilities: Inventor

Daniel White, an inventor,[2] is the father of Marvin White and the husband of Diana White.

Background Information

On the parallel earth of Earth-One and Earth-1A, shortly before Princess Diana came to America, Daniel was transferred to South America. Diana learns of this after meeting army nurse, Diana Prince after dropping Steve Trevor off at the hospital. The nurse is sad, telling the princess she doesn’t have the money to join him. As the young woman talks, Wonder Woman is struck with how much they resemble each other. She even has her same name! Aphrodite must have arranged this, so the princess could have an American identity. She tells Diana that she is also a trained nurse and that if she sells her credentials to her, she can be with the man she loves and young Diana can go to South America to be with her fiancé (Wonder Woman had recently made some money doing her "bullets-and-bracelets" bit on stage).[3] The young woman agrees and heads to South America to be with the man she loves.

On the parallel earth of Earth-1A, Marvin told Wendy that his father had a garage door opener in his car that had a button he pushes to open the garage door.[4]

Appearances and References

SuperFriends TV Show:

SuperFriends Comic Book:


  1. The name of Diana's fiancé is revealed to be 'Bill' in Wonder Woman, #167 (January 1967) [flashback portion].
  2. Dan is revealed to be an inventor in the Super Fans section of the SuperFriends Comic Book: SuperFriends #1 (November 1976), by editor E. Nelson Bridwell.
  3. As revealed in DC Special Series, #19 (November, 1979) and with fewer details in Wonder Woman, #162/2 (May 1966) and #167 (January 1967) [flashback portion]. This exact story with an added details, was told a few years earlier by E. Nelson Bridwell in the letters column of the SuperFriends Comic Book issue #1 (November 1976). Bridwell’s contribution is the name of ‘Daniel White’ to the fiancé and subsequently to the young nurse who marries Dan (becoming: Diana Prince 'White'), connecting Wonder Woman to Marvin White.
  4. As referenced in the Season 1 episode: Too Hot to Handle.
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