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DC Comics Super Heroes

The DC Comics Super Heroes line of action figures was an offshoot of Kenner's Super Powers Collection.

The plastic figures were made by Toy-Biz, while the die-cast metal figures were made by Ertl. Many of the plastic figures were made from the same molds but they were poorly made by comparison to the old line.

As an example, their was a new mold for the Lex Luthor action figure, which was modeled after his appearance in the 1988 Superman cartoon, and his action move was a Kryptonite punch, which allowed him to punch himself in the head. That is one of many examples of "Power Actions" that didn't work, and the overall low quality of the figures.

Despite the lower quality, their were a few characters in this line that were never before seen in the old line, such as Two-Face and Bob the Goon. Also, in 1992, McDonald's released a line through its' Happy Meal called Super Looney Tunes, which was the Looney Tunes as DC Comics Super Heroes.

By the late nineties, Golden Books began publishing children's books with the DC Comics Super Heroes brand. The art style in these were more similar to Bruce Timm's than Alex Toth or José Luis García-López.

DC Comics Super Heroes products

Action figures

WAVE ONE: (Batman, 1989)[1]

WAVE TWO: (1990)[2]

WAVE THREE: (1990)

Die-cast metal toys

Vehicles and playsets

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  1. This line was very loosely based on the Batman film from 1989, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.
  2. This is when the name of the line changed to DC Comics Super Heroes.

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