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"Cyborg's life has not been easy. This medical journal tells his story. He was once Victor Stone, a promising decathlon athlete until; a terrible accident damaged most of his body. Fortunately, Vic's father was a cybernetics genius. He saved his son's life by replacing Vic's injuries with robotic components. Since then, Vics been known as Cyborg!"
Professor Martin Stein to Ronald Raymond, from Medical Journal

Victor Stone

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Victor Stone is a Cyborg, who is a superhero and a member of the Super Powers Team.

He is kept alive by cybernetic implants that increase his strength, and provide an assortment of weapons. One such weapon is a "sound blaster," capable of generating high pitched sound for use as a weapon.

In the Earth-One universe, he feared of becoming an outcast, until he found a new family – the Teen Titans.

Background Information

Earth-1A Background

Cyborg’s life has not been easy. He was once ‘Victor Stone,’ a promising decathlon athlete, until a terrible accident damaged most of his body. Fortunately, Vic’s father was a cybernetic genius. He saved his son’s life by replacing Vic’s injurys with robotic components. Since then, Vics been known as ‘Cyborg’! He was so distraught over his robotic appearance that he became reclusive and shunned all publicity.[3]

Apparently, Vic had a brief stay with the Teen Titans in 1983.[4] He mostly kept out of the public eye, and soon began working at a special school for disabled children.[5]

Superman had asked him on a number of occasions, to join the Super Powers Team. On one occasion, after capturing Lex Luthor, Superman stated that anyone who could single-handedly capture Luthor would be a very welcome addition to the team. Still Cyborg had no desire to join and remained insistent that he wanted to fly solo.[6]

Eventually though, Cyborg started to develop a real friendship with Firestorm, and finally, after helping the team stop Darkseid's plot to take over Earth, and being formally asked by Batman, he decides that he was meant to join the team all along.[7]

Even though Cyborg hated Apokolips, he went back multiple times to help the team fight Darkseid and his forces.

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Earth-One Continuity

Earth-One Continuity

In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Victor Stone was the son of scientists, Silas and Elinore Stone. When Victor was young, his parents used him as a test subject for various intelligence enhancement projects, with the hopes it would result in him becoming a child genius. As a pre-teen, Victor resented this treatment and fell in with street-gang leader Ron Evers, who involved him in petty crime. In an effort to help her son, and seeing the conflict between he and his father, Victor’s mother canceled his private tutor and enrolled him in public school. He stopped running with Ron's gang but remained good friends. It was soon realized that Victor was a gifted athlete as he excelled in his endeavors. As he pursued athletics, he began dating Marcy Reynolds and gave up his parents' dream of having a scientific career. When Vic was 17, he received an urgent call from Ron, who needed Vic's help to defeat an all white gang. Vic refused to participate in the rumble and left. Ron was arrested and spent the next year in prison. Meanwhile, Vic graduated, entered college and pursued his dream of making the Olympics.[8]

On one noteworthy evening, Vic could not escape his fate. He had decided to go see his mom who is working with his dad at S.T.A.R. Labs. As he headed up to the 8th floor lab he wondered to himself which experiments they were working on. Was it the weapons system for the army or dimension-probing. When he entered the lab, he heard his mother screaming. She was consumed by what he would learn later was a protoplasmic creature from another dimension. As he watched in horror the creature turned toward him. As the creature engulfed him, he could feel his skin burn and his bones dissolve. In a valiant effort, Vic's father was able to cause the creature to be sucked back into its dimension. Vic received what appeared to be a fatal injury and his mother died. After the funeral, his father, seeing his son was barely alive, decided to use one of his army weapons experiment on his son – a cybernetics suit. Bone was replaced with steel, flesh was replaced with a special polymer and his veins and arteries were encased in a special tubing, which was all held together with metal straps – all in an effort to create the modern day Prometheus. It took a month before Vic's body accepted the changes. It took another four months before Vic had acclimated enough to leave the hospital. Feeling angry and violated, he moved to Hell's Kitchen.[9]

He tried to reconnect with his girlfriend Marcy, but was unsuccessful. He also learned that he was no longer allowed to pursue athletics in college. A few weeks after he had moved, he was contacted at his new place by Ron, who intended to blow up the United Nations Building. Telling Ron he'd help, Vic showed up at the United Nations' Secretariat Building at 3:15 a.m. as planned. Upon his arrival he saw that Ron and his gang had already arrived and already set a bomb on the building. He also learned that Ron and plan to use him as a scapegoat, so Vic decided to end the fool-hardy plan. Vic foiled the plot, and Evers was lost and presumed dead in the aftermath of their battle.[10]

The 'New' Teen Titans

Main article: The New Teen Titans

As the other-worldly demon Trigon threatened to ravage the earth, his mystical daughter Raven warns the Justice League about his coming and requests their aid. Zatanna however, warns that there is evil within Raven, and denies her entreaty.[11] Undeterred, Raven decides to assemble another team of heroes, the ‘Teen Titans!’ She empathically comes to Dick Grayson as he sleeps and tells him that she needs his aid. He awakens to an astral projection of the girl in his room. She hands him the phone and it’s Wally West, who laughs at the notion of a ‘new’ Titans, and hangs up on him. Raven then tells Dick that he has done what he needed and that she will do the rest. She tells him to find Wonder Girl and disappears. He finds Donna in midtown Manhattan and at the same moment, so does Beast Boy (aka Changeling). As Robin begins to explain all that has happened, Kid Flash arrives. He says that he’s in. They all agree to form a ’new’ Titians team. Meanwhile, Raven has appeared to Victor Stone outside the football stadium at Newark College in New Jersey. He is angry at his new found appearance and laments that he doesn’t belong anywhere. He explains that his scientist father calls him, Cyborg! She responds to his angry lament and says the he belongs with her and others of his kind. Amazingly, the other Titans arrive at their location. Raven then informs them the final Titan has arrived on Earth at that they are all needed at the United Nations Plaza. As they converge on the plaza, they are stunned to see an alien invasion underway. A mysterious orange-skinned girl is being attacked by green aliens. The team jumps into action. They save the mysterious girl (a refugee from a distant planet). Raven then appears in the skies and tells them that they were gathered together, not for this battle but for an unseen menace, whose power grows.[12] The mysterious girl is named Koriand'r. She chooses to remain with the team and took the code name: 'Starfire'. Meanwhile, an assassin named, Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson) is contacted by the criminal organization known as the H.I.V.E. and is asked to kill the Titans. Refusing to work without an advance, Deathstroke turned down the offer only to see his son Grant Wilson take up the contract. Unfortunately, Grant died during the ensuing battle. So, Deathstroke swore revenge against the Titans and began to plot their deaths – the true goal of the H.I.V.E. all along.[13] [NOTE: Deathstroke would soon become a recurrent thorn in the Titans' side.]

Raven tries again to get help from the JLA and to stop them from fighting a group of three sorcerers, but they wouldn't listen. Unable to stop them, seeks help from her mother Arella and the priests of Azarath against the coming of Trigon, but they refuse to help her. Rejected, Raven returns to the Titan’s new HQ, the Titans Tower. She tells them about the demon ‘Trigon the Terrible’ as well as her conflict with the Justice League. She convinces them that in order to stop the coming of Trigon, they must stop the Justice League from fighting the sorcerers. The Titans travel to the Justice League Satellite, where Raven casts an illusion causing the Titans to believe they have killed the JLA and then secretly brings them to the three sorcerers and shows them that the sorcerers are casting a spell that prevents Trigon’s access to the Earth dimension. Suddenly the JLA appears and attacks the sorcerers and overcome the Titans. As they do, the sky begins to crackle with energy and the force of Trigon's power incapacitates both the Titans and the Justice League. When they finally revive, Zatanna reveals that her suspicion of Raven, led her to uncover Raven’s use of her empathic powers to manipulate the Titans into helping her in the war against her father. It is also revealed that Raven's influence drove Kid Flash to defend her actions so passionately. Now that everyone is aware of what she has been doing, nobody trusts her.[14]

Amidst the distrust, Raven engages in battle on her own with her father Trigon, and his advance warrior Goronn. She is soon overpowered and sends her soul self to get help from the Titans again. Robin, Koriand'r, Changeling & Wonder Girl agree to help. Cyborg stays behind to talk with Kid Flash who feels betrayed by Raven. After a short talk, Kid Flash and Cyborg join the battle. As they attack Goronn, the Titans learn the value of teamwork, eventually take down Goronn. While watching in cloud form, Trigon is displeased and warps the Titans back to Titans Tower. Raven is left with Trigon. He tells her his plans to invade this world. Raven escapes and Psimon comes to Trigon's side, but is spread across the time stream for having attempted to kill Trigon. As for Goronn, his failure is met with death as Trigon incinerates him. Cyborg and the Titans attempt to defeat Trigon in New York, but are easily defeated. Later, at the Temple of Azarath, Trigon attacks. Raven summons the Titans, but they are again defeated once again. To stop Trigon's advancement on the world, Raven offers to serve by her Father's side in his dimension. Raven and Trigon disappear in a cloud of smoke, and the rest of the titans are left standing over where they once stood. Kid Flash is sad, as he never got to tell Raven he loved her.[15]

Trigon appears with the abducted Raven to his other-dimensional world, so the people would hail the king. Back in temple Azarath, Cyborg along with his new team, implore the monks to at least get them to Trigon's world. They agree, but before they leave, Raven’s mother, Arella tells the story of her affair with Trigon and the birth of Raven but is interrupted by an impatient Cyborg. The Titans agree that time is of the essence. Arella then leads on as their guide after the monks open the portal. With every member in unison, the Titans weaken Trigon, but the final blow coming as Cyborg connects to Koriand'r, which gives him a high powered bolt that sends him into another-dimensional netherverse which was opened up by Kid Flash (and his disruption of the vibrational-frequencies). Suddenly, Arella jumps in to the portal and sacrifices herself to be the guardian of the gate to be forever at war with Trigon.[16]

Having successfully aided the people of Azarath in banishing Trigon, the New Teen Titans return to Earth. Meanwhile, the Fearsome Five (another re-occurring antagonist) receive a psychic message from the discorporated form of their former member Psimon. He needs their help to reconstitute his physical body. Psimon directs them towards Titans Tower in order to procure the technology he requires to reform his body. Doctor Light succeeds in using a dimensional transmitter in the Tower to resurrect Psimon's body. The Titans defeat the villains and discover that Silas Stone, the creator of the Titan Tower had been abducted. With the battle over, Silas tries to make peace with his son. He knows that his son despises home and blames him for the death of his mother. He tells him that out of some sort of penance he built Titans Tower so that Vic would have a place to belong. Victor refuses to listen until Silas confesses that he is dying of cancer – another side-effect of his work with the dimensional transmitter. This revelation helps to heal the breach between father and son, spending the next two weeks together making up for lost time. Victor is at his side when his father passes away.[17]

Not long after his father’s passing, Garfield visits Vic and asks if he is going to move out of his apartment now that he has inherited his father's money, but Vic decides to stay where he is. Later, Vic works up the nerve to see his old girlfriend Marcy Reynolds. When the two reunite, Marcy is horrified to see what Victor has become and says that Victor should have died instead. She also tells him that her parents have forbid her from seeing him. Heartbroken, but keeping the depth of his feelings to himself, Victor shrugs off her excuses and leaves. Brooding at this rejection, Victor strolls across Central Park when he is suddenly struck in the head by a baseball. A young boy runs over to retrieve it and Vic is concerned that his cybernetic enhancements will terrify the child. As it turns out however, the boy has a prosthetic limb of his own and is not horrified by Victor, but is actually jealous that Vic's prosthetics are "shinier" than his own. The boy's teacher, Sarah Simms, walks over to them accompanied by several more children who are awestruck at Victor's impressive implants. She introduces herself and tells Vic that she is a teacher who helps handicapped children deal with their disabilities. When the kids plead for Victor to join their baseball game, Victor feels that has earned himself some long overdue fun and decides to play ball with the kids.[18] Over the course of the rest of the year, Cyborg and the Titans go up against the Puppeteer[19] and defeat a group of drug smugglers in the Dominican Republic.[20]

Deathstroke turns up again under the direction of H.I.V.E., has kidnapped Cyborg's new friend Sarah Simms. Also, Garfield’s old team-mates in the Doom Patrol have gone missing or have been killed. The Titan’s save Sarah, but Garfield is mortally wounded.[21] Raven, Starfire and Wonder Girl take Garfield to the Amazons's home of Paradise Island where he is treated with the Purple Healing Ray, while Robin, Kid Flash, and Cyborg take up the search for Robotman, Mento, and the Doom Patrol's members.[22] They discover and revive a disabled Robotman in the Ugandan jungle and also uncover a hidden underground city which is the stronghold of Madame Rouge and General Zahl, the killers of the Doom Patrol. They are soon captured.[23] The Changeling and the female Titans rejoin their team-mates, only to be taken prisoner by a revived Brotherhood of Evil led by the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, former arch-enemies of the Doom Patrol.[24] Meanwhile, General Zahl and Madame Rouge continue their attempted takeover of Zandia, which nation is actually a haven for escaped criminals. Changeling joins forces with the new Brotherhood of Evil to attack the villainous duo and their followers and to free his teammates, with the help of Robotman. In the ensuing melee, Zahl and Madame Rouge are killed. Cyborg, Robin and Kid Flash team-up with the Brotherhood of Evil to escape from the villains' floating fortress before it explodes. The Brotherhood is allowed to go free for their help.[25]

Over the next year, Cyborg and the Titans rescue a captured Wonder Woman from Dr. Cyber;[26]; cross paths with H.I.V.E. again; [27] battle Doctor Polaris;[28] team up with Hawkman to battle Doctor Light;[29] and meet H.I.V.E. agent, the Disruptor.[30]

The Titans decide to take some much needed R&R (rest and relaxation). At Garfield’s request, the Titan’s all head to the Grand Canyon. As night falls they gather around the campfire. A few of them have the opportunity to share their origin of sorts. Cyborg goes first,[31] then Raven,[32] then Garfield,[33] and they finish up with Kory Anders.[34]

The Titan’s next meet Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem from the Church of Brother Blood (a pseudo-religious commune), which will become one of their greatest foes. They meet this villainous group when Cyborg's ex-girlfriend, Marcy Reynolds, is murdered after she regrets joining them and tries to escape. Infiltrating the cult on Cyborg's behalf, Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Raven (in their civilian identities), become horrified at Brother Blood's methods of dealing with any acolyte who tries to leave his group. Their true identities discovered, the four battle Blood and his followers, but are easily defeated. Raven's soul-self escapes to warn the other Titans.[35] The now captured, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Raven are consigned to a pit inhabited by a monstrous spider-like creature. Robin is tortured by Brother Blood's sadistic "Confessor" for information first, and then thrown into the pit. When the remaining Titans attack the Church of Brother Blood to rescue their teammates, Cyborg causes the crash of Blood's escaping airship, and though the villain survives, the Titans are accused of his attempted murder by the local news media[36] and investigated.[37]

After helping the Omega Men, Superman is with them on board the JL Satellite, when the Satellite’s perimeter is breached. Thinking he recognizes the form of the object in space, Superman engages the tractor beam and brings it on board. It is indeed the ‘New’ Teen Titans.[38] The Omega Men decide to take the Titans with them to the Vega system where they aid in the planet's defense against the Citadel, a fascist star empire led by Lord Damyn and Komand'r / Blackfire (Koriand'r older sister).[39] Cyborg threatens to kill Lord Damyn to get Blackfire to surrender. Instead she kills Damyn herself and takes the throne of the Citadel homeworld.[40] Lord Damyn's Psion advisor takes control of the Citadel forces. On Tamaran's surface, the death-duel results in Blackfire's seeming demise and also triggers a series of explosions that will wipe out the Vegan system (as the Psion had planned), even as the other Titans and the Omega Men are reunited on the Citadel homeworld. Vega is saved only when X'Hal breaks free and detonates the explosives harmlessly. After Raven heals a badly injured Starfire, she is reunited briefly with her parents and brother before returning to Earth with her teammates.[41]

The New Teen Titans have returned to Earth from the Vega system, and several weeks pass uneventfully. Then, at the site of the Statue of Liberty, Changeling battles a young costumed girl, who claims that she’s on a mission, but doesn’t want to kill anyone. Before she speeds away into the sky, she calls herself Terra.[42]

Shortly after Changeling meets Terra, the Titans have a chance meeting Roy Harper, who decides to resume his identity as Speedy.[43]

Over a span of several days, Changeling continues his pursuit of the fugitive Terra, finally capturing her and bringing her to the Titans Tower. Meanwhile, bases of Brother Blood's cult are being systematically attacked and destroyed by the Brotherhood of Evil. Kid Flash, Raven, and Cyborg are on hand when Changeling appears with Terra. After hearing how she had been forced to commit crimes by terrorists holding her parents, the rulers of the nation of Markovia, the Titans decide to attack and subdue her tormentors, only to discover that the girl's parents have long since been killed. Changeling befriends Terra in her grief, but the other Titans are still unsure whether to believe her story or not.[44]

As the conflict between the forces of Brother Blood and the Brotherhood of Evil continues,[45] the Titans get involved. Meanwhile, Terra adopts a new costume and decides to join the Teen Titans. Having developed feelings for Sarah Simms, the young teacher Cyborg met almost two years ago, he meets Mark Wright who claims to be her fiancé. When the Brotherhood appear at the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square, the Titans, including Speedy, Terra, and Frances Kane (friend of Wally West), confront them, but are unable to put a stop their scheme.[46]

The Titan’s return to the Tower to regroup and come up with a plan. They are greeted by Wonder Girl with her news of Terry's proposal. Their joy is short-lived, however, as they must leave immediately for Zandia, where they believe the Brotherhood of Evil is holding Raven. The Brotherhood subjects Raven to psychological tortures to force her to reveal what she knows of Brother Blood (which knowledge she unconsciously absorbed when her soul-self enveloped Blood during their previous encounter), but it is only the subtler methods of the Brain and Monsieur Mallah that persuade her to cooperate. Trailing the evildoers to the site of Brother Blood's secret "Regeneration Chamber," the Titans find the tide of battle turning against then. When they appear to have been killed, Raven goes berserk and almost kills the villains, before Wonder Girl manages to bring her to her senses.[47]

Having not seen Dick in a few days, Koriand'r heads to the Wayne Mansion to talk. She is surprised to hear that Dick had moved out after Bruce had taken on a new ward, Jason Todd.[48]

The Titans surprise Terra with a birthday party, but she is angry that they have refused to share their secret identities with her since she joined the team. Later, Tobin is angry with the District Attorney and Kid Flash decides to leave the Titans to concentrate on college, Donna accepts Terry's proposal, and Cyborg remains unhappy at having learned that Sarah is engaged, unaware that Mark Wright had misrepresented himself as her fiancé. All of these developments are put aside, however, when the Terminator (aka Deathstroke) returns to challenge the team, and Terra determines to prove her worth by battling him alone. Although the other Titans join the fight, Deathstroke ultimately escapes. Terra is unquestionably the heroine of the battle, and the Titans decide to share their secrets with her at their next meeting. That night, Terra meets with Deathstroke at her apartment. Unbeknownst to the Titans, she has been the Terminator's partner from the beginning, planted in the group as a double agent to betray them. He now knows Robin and Kid Flash's true identities.[49]

The Titans are introduced to another ardent foe, Cheshire.[50]

Cyborg is not very happy when Sarah Simms' life is put at risk.[51]

Brainiac and his hordes attack the Earth, and Superman calls upon the JLA and the New Teen Titans to help him repel them.[52]

The Titans are assembled at S.T.A.R. Labs, where Dr. Jenet Klyburn is attempting unsuccessfully to cure Thunder and Lightning of their unwanted powers. From there, they find their father (an extraterrestrial being who had been the sole survivor of a crash-landing on Earth six hundred years ago), and Thunder and Lightning, together with the Titans, find their alien father a prisoner of the H.I.V.E., who have been exploiting his powers for their own ends for years. Under the H.I.V.E.'s control, the alien attacks the heroes, ultimately forcing Thunder and Lightning to slay their own father. Using the deceased extraterrestrial's blood, S.T.A.R. scientists are able to cure Thunder and Lightning, allowing them to control their powers, after which the brothers return to their mother's homeland in Vietnam.[53]

The Outsiders went to New York City when Dr. Helga Jace was kidnapped, and mistakenly battle the Teen Titans. Once they realize their mistake, they team up against the Fearsome Five.[54] Psimon (leader of the Fearsome Five), mind-controlled everyone in the city to attack the heroes, but they defeated him with help from Jace.[55]

As Jason Todd officially becomes Batman’s new sidekick,[56] Dick decides to give his identity as Robin. At Wally’s goodbye party, he tells his fellow Titans that he is giving up his identity and that they need to pick a new leader, until he can come up with a new persona. Later, Dick shows up in the Batcave and tells Bruce that he wants to move out from the shadow of the Batman and will be happy to give up his identity as the ‘Robin’ allowing the boy to continue the legacy. He gives Jason the suit and he puts it on with style.[57]

With Dick and Wally on leave, the Vanguard, a team of super-powered beings who travel the universe helping worlds who need them, arrive on Earth in New York and attempt to capture Superman due to a case of mistaken identity! Not far from the attempted abduction, the Titans spring into action. In the ensuing battle, Brainiac arrives and kills Vanguard member Black Nebula and captures Superman, in an attempt to use him as an organic power source for his interstellar war machines. In response, the Vanguard then teams up with the Titans to defeat Brainiac and rescue Superman. Although grateful to the Titans for their assistance, the Vanguard chose to resume wandering across space.[58]

The Titan’s engage the Bethany Snow, Brother Blood and his Church once again. They defeat them once again, this time Blood is an apparent martyr, so belief in his cult flourishes. World governments condemn the regime of Marko, his political enemy.[59]

Back in New York City, the Titans relax in Titans Tower. Cyborg and the team discuss choosing a new name for Dick Grayson.[60]

In Dick’s absence, the Titans protégé Terra, has won the heart and mind of Changeling. None of the Titans suspect that she has been secretly spying on them on behalf of her partner Deathstroke the Terminator. Terra has been feeding Terminator important information regarding the Titans including their secret identities. During a training exercise, Terra, in a fit of rage, unleashes a massive attack that nearly cripples Gar. The other Titans calm her down, but it is Raven who realizes that there is something seriously dangerous about this girl. Meanwhile, the information Terra has been secretly providing Deathstroke, enables him to capture the Titans one by one – starting with Donna Troy and Kory Anders (aka Starfire). He then acquires Cyborg and the Changeling. Eventually, Dick discovers that all of his former teammates have been captured and returns to Titans Tower. There he is greeted by Adeline Kane, the Terminator's ex-wife. She introduces him to her mute son Joey (who possesses the power to possess other people). Adeline explains how the young protégé the Titans have been mentoring is a traitor and has been secretly working with her ex-husband since the moment the Titans first met her. Adeline's son Joey is eager to help Dick rescue the Titans as Jericho. Realizing that he can never truly retire from super-heroics, Dick adopts a new costume and identity and calls himself 'Nightwing'! Adeline then gives the heroes the location of the H.I.V.E. command center nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Once they have snuck inside, they discover the abducted Titans strapped to a giant machine which is slowly siphoning away their life energy. After battling a horde of H.I.V.E. shock troops, Nightwing and Jericho are captured. Jericho takes this opportunity to possess his own father. Using the Terminator's body and weaponry, he frees the other Titans and begins fighting the H.I.V.E. Terra is enraged at Terminator and feels that his affection for Joey makes him weak. She loses complete control of her sanity and yearns for nothing more than the death of everyone in the room. Changeling refuses to believe that Terra has gone bad, and is certain that the Terminator has brainwashed her. Terra's powers rage out of control until finally she causes a mountain of earth and debris to collapse down from the ceiling, killing herself in the process. The Titans bring Terra's body back to New York for burial. The funeral service is small and only the Titans and the Outsiders are in attendance. The Titans let Terra's brother, Geo-Force, believe that she died heroically while fighting the H.I.V.E.[61]

A seriously ill Aqualad drags a dying Aquagirl into Titans Tower. He struggles to bring her to the pool to get fresh water into her system, but passes out mere inches away. Across town, Changeling is still having difficulty coping with the death of Terra. He busts up a group of arms dealers and nearly kills them in his anger. Cyborg shows up and tries to talk to Gar, but Changeling tells him that he is through talking. Nobody was around for him when he needed help, so he has no interest in confiding in his teammates. Later, everyone regroups at Titans Tower along with a visiting Wally West and Frances Kane, where they discover the dying Aqualad and Aquagirl. They quickly submerge them in a special water solution and carefully pump fresh sea water into their systems. When they revive, Aqualad tells them that the H.I.V.E. has attacked Atlantis. Nightwing is tired of the H.I.V.E. and wants to put a stop to them once and for all.[62] So he prepares the Titans, along with a revitalized Aqualad and Aquagirl to travel through the Atlantic Ocean to the coordinates of the H.I.V.E.'s undersea station. When they board they station, they fight their way through a blockade of armed men and travel deeper towards the command core of the station. From her central meeting room, the H.I.V.E. Mistress seals off the access tunnel where the Titans are located and jettisons the entire chamber into the sea. Once the pod is far enough away from the base, she activates a trigger which causes it to explode. Later, in New York, Vic, who did not go with his team to battle H.I.V.E., returns home to find his grandparents, Maude and Tucker, waiting for him in his apartment. He is not thrilled to see them, mainly for failing to attend his father's funeral. After a few terse words, they make up.[63] Back at the H.I.V.E. base, the H.I.V.E. Mistress offers a toast of victory, believing that the Titans have been destroyed. In reality, Raven saved her comrades from the explosion by enveloping everyone inside of her soul-self and teleporting aboard the H.I.V.E. station. The Titans, soon shatter her illusion and win the battle. They discover that H.I.V.E. intends on destroying Atlantis as a show of power in the hopes that their reputation will enable them to blackmail world leaders into surrendering to them. They say goodbye to Aqualad and Aquagirl and return home. At Titans Tower, a distressed Changeling is still sad at the fact that Terra, betrayed him. Cyborg enters the room and speaks with the angry Changeling, who is still upset and confrontational. He asks Garth why he's been acting like a Vigilante, and Changeling responds with the reasoning that they deserve to fight back and be stomped on. He continues to be confrontational, stating that he has lost everything when Jillian Jackson comes down the stairs. She is drastically changed, with pink hair and a bigger edge. She manages to comfort him some, and they all make up. Deep in space, orbiting in a huge golden sphere, Harbinger updates the Monitor on the status of the H.I.V.E., and he says he will update his files.[64]

It is Terry and Donna's wedding day. Cyborg is mystified when no one comments on his robotic appearance or on the unexplained presence of a known Teen Titan at the wedding, until Changeling reveals that his adoptive father, Mento, has used his powers to make all the guests see Cyborg as plain Victor Stone. Former Teen Titan, Lilith Clay is back and is also in attendance.[65]

After staying with the Titans at the tower for a while, Lilith (who reveals that she’s been trying to be by herself after what happened to Gnarrk) decides to help the new Titans defeat a gang of gun-runners in the employ of President Marlo of Qurac. The President has also hired Cheshire to abduct Adeline Wilson, Jericho's mother – a former agent of his who has information on the military strength of Kyran, a bordering nation which he intends to invade. Jericho wants to pursue his mother’s captor, he runs into trouble because Interpol is after him and Changeling, who never trusted him wants the reward. At the same time, S.T.A.R. scientists discover an alien spaceship and its pilot frozen in the ice in Alaska.[66] Alerted by Lilith's precognition, they go instead to S.T.A.R. Labs, where an explosion has freed the cryogenically preserved alien, a winged man who instantly became enamored of Lilith. Meanwhile, Jericho and a former associate of his mother are in Qurac pursuing Cheshire.[67] Lilith remains with the Titans to help the captured alien and is present at the trial of Slade Wilson, the Terminator,[68] where she testifies against him. After she testifies she says she’s leaving, being angry with Dick and the others for chasing away the winged-man. A decision she believes was hers to make and not theirs. As she goes, she says don’t’ try to find me, if I want to find you, I will. At the same time, unknown to the other Titans, Cyborg has returned to S.T.A.R. Labs where preparations are underway to replace his metal body parts with flesh-colored plastic, thus restoring his human appearance. Back in court, Judge Chase determines that while there is insufficient evidence that Slade Wilson is the Terminator to warrant a full jury trial, Wilson will nonetheless be sentenced to a year in prison for illegal possession of firearms.[69]

In prison, Slade Wilson learns that his ex-wife and son have been cleared of charges by Interpol and to have his jail sentence suspended. Before he can be released, however, he is attacked in his cell by a maddened Changeling. When their skirmish takes them into the prison yard, Changeling breaks off the fight, promising to return. The next day, he arranges to meet the Terminator in a battle to the death. The mercenary derails Gar's plans by appearing at the arranged site as Slade Wilson, rather than in costume as the Terminator, and by refusing to fight back. Changeling talks with his enemy instead. Wilson relates how he first encountered Terra Markov when she undertook an assignment he had refused: the murder of African tribal leader King Tawaha, who had taken care of Gar after the deaths of his parents years before. Later, the Terminator took Terra in as a partner, but quickly discovered that the girl was an incurable psychopath. Wilson also asserts that his son Joseph is innocent of involvement in any criminal actions. Changeling finds himself believing Wilson's statements despite his earlier convictions to the contrary. Their conversation over, he allows Wilson to leave without trying to stop him.[70]

After an attack S.T.A.R. Labs, Cyborg arrives to meet Dr Klyburn to have his cybernetic parts replaced. At the same time, at the Tri-State prison, the Fearsome Five have come to the prison to release the sorceress Jinx. They were also responsible for the earlier attack on S.T.A.R. Labs. Wonder Girl and Starfire attempt to stop the villains, but are quickly defeated.[71] While the rest of the Titans recuperate from their failed attempt to defeat the Fearsome Five at the Tower, Vic is at S.T.A.R. Labs is undergoing recuperative physical therapy under the direction of Dr. Sarah Charles after having just been retro-fitted with new polymers that gave him a human appearance. Days later, concerned over Cyborg’s strange absence, learn of his operation from his grandparents. As the Titans search for Vic, the Fearsome Five decide to abduct Dr. Jenet Klyburn to help them free Nathaniel Tryon, aka Neutron from a transport container. Vic, in his new appearance posing as her assistant, manages to free Dr. Klyburn. As they do, Vic collapses when his body begins to reject its new polymer replacement parts. The next morning, Psimon's image appears at a hastily convened mayoral press conference to demand the surrender of New York City to the Fearsome Five.[72] As the Fearsome Five appear on the New York waterfront to lay claim to the city, they are confronted by the police and the Titans. After Psimon is blasted into the Hudson River he finds himself teleported aboard the orbiting satellite of the Monitor, who enlists him in his efforts to stop the pending destruction of the multiverse. While the Titans battle the remaining villains, Vic is undergoing surgery to transform him hack into Cyborg. All the Titans are out of commission except Jericho, who possesses the villains one-by-one, forcing them to battle one another. After defeating the Fearsome Five, the Titans visit a recuperating Cyborg in the hospital.[73]

Cyborg and the Titans try to help Raven, but the demon within (her father Trigon) proves to be too much for her and she runs away, fearing she may hurt her friends. Meanwhile, on the far side of the universe, a spaceship streaks toward Earth from Starfire's home planet.[74] Soon after Raven’s departure, an impenetrable darkness blankets the Earth, and an unnatural thunderstorm assails New York and Titans Tower. Lilith returns to the Tower, believing that the manifestations point toward the imminent return of Trigon. After they express surprise over her return, the Titans inform her of Raven’s recent departure and she decides to help, provided they reenlist Wally (the former Kid Flash). After he returns, she leads the young heroes in a séance, using Raven's rings as a focus. Raven's image appears, but rejects their help, after which the Titans are mystically transported to an Azarath in the throes of destruction. Despite their efforts, Azarath and all its inhabitants are apparently destroyed. The Titans, along with Arella return to New York, to find Raven in a terrifyingly transformed state, with red skin and four eyes like her demonic father, and announces his coming. Then Titans Tower is transformed into a solid mass of rock and a gigantic Trigon appears atop it.[75] The Titans engager the transformed Raven in the streets of a hellish version of New York. They attempt to reason with her. After that does not work, they fight, but to no avail. When Jericho attempts to possess her, he thrown into a state of shock. Cyborg along with Wally and the rest of the Ttians are banished into the realm of their own nightmares. There, each confronts an evil version of him/herself. Cyborg finds himself regarded as a monster by Sarah Simms and her students, who look to a normal Victor Stone for protection. On Earth, Lilith, and Arella see the Titans as a stone column of lost souls.[76] As they stare in disbelief, Raven attacks them, but finds she is unable to destroy them. The Titans, slowly come out of their frozen state as their own dark sides. Raven believes they are now Trigon's slaves and orders the transformed Titans to destroy Lilith, but instead they unite against Raven herself and slay her. With her death, the Titans return to normal and to their right minds, just as Trigon awakens to take vengeance for the death of his daughter.[77] Trigon awakens having grown to even more of a gigantic stature, many times the size of the Titans Tower. Maddened with anger, Wally launches a hopeless attack on the demon with his super-speed, and the other Titans follow him into battle. With minimal effort, Trigon levitates the stone mass of the destroyed Titan HQ and sends it hurtling down on all the Titans except Nightwing, whom he then disposes of with a single blow of his staff. Only Lilith and Arella remain. Lilith senses the Titans are still alive. Starfire had used her starbolt powers to protect them from the falling tower and now uses them to free them from the rubble. She then locates and revives Nightwing. Cyborg and the rest of the Titans feel a sense of defeat but decide to fight on. As they rush to confront their foe, Trigon begins to open a gateway to his ravaged home universe, intending to recreate it by allowing it to absorb the dimension containing Earth. While the Titans fight a delaying action, Arella and Lilith, who is now being controlled by Azar, replace Raven's rings on her body. Raven's soul-self, now an angelic pure-white entity serving as a conduit for the power of Azar, rises from her still form and grows to envelop Trigon, ultimately destroying him. The form of Raven rises from the battle site and is lost to view, the darkness which had covered the world vanishes, and the Earth returns to normal.[78] The Titans are welcomed by a media circus and parade in New York City after saving the world from Trigon. The Titans are depressed and in no mood for a celebration. Wally bows out and heads back to Blue Valley, not telling his parents of his involvement in the battle. Following the parade, the Titans and Lilith make plans to rebuild their demolished headquarters, Arella leaves to search for her vanished daughter, and Cyborg visits Jericho in the hospital. Later, since all of the young heroes are haunted by the nightmares, Terry Long (Donna’s husband) suggests, they take trip to their campsite in the Grand Canyon.[79]

Back in New York, Kory, Joe, and Lilith are enjoying themselves at an out-door art show, when the winged alien returns and carries his beloved Lilith into the sky, which causes her to glow and to evince her heat powers. This garners the attention of Thia, goddess of the sun[80] and the missing twelfth member of the mythological Titans. [NOTE: Thia lives among humans in the disguise of the owner of the Sun Publishing Company.] Later, Thia invades Lilith's apartment in Greenwich Village, announces that she is the precogs mother and abducts her, despite the heroic efforts of her friends. Starfire summons Cyborg and the other Titans. Wonder Girl is able to identify Thia as the wife of Hyperion. This awareness leads the Titans and the winged man to Paradise Island, from which they hope to enter the realm of the gods to which Thia has most probably taken Lilith. Arriving, they find the island in ruins and all of the Amazons gone.[81] The Titans then head to Olympus and discover that the power-hungry Thia attempted to take over, but when the Titans arrived they helped defeat the Titans of Myth and returned home safely – all except Lilith, who elected to remain on Olympus, claiming her birthright as a demi-goddess.[82]

After a visit to his grandparents,[83] Victor becomes frustrated in his attempts to contact Sarah Simms, unaware that Sarah now has a new boy-friend.[84]

The Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Crisis on Infinite Earths
Main article: Crisis on Infinite Earths

After solving a fifty-year-old murder mystery of a young child,[85] Cyborg walks the street, brooding over the knowledge of Sarah’s new boyfriend, Gary Sellars. He hardly notices the atmospheric oddity taking place above the streets of New York, until he is approached by a costumed super-powered woman called Harbinger. After a skirmish, Cyborg agrees to accompany her to her mentor, the Monitor.[86] On board the Monitor’s Satellite, as the various super-powered being begin to assemble, a horde of Shadow Demons attacks them. They fight them off until the Monitor arrives. He casts a brilliant burst of light, which dispels the shadows. Introducing himself, he tells the impatient gathering that the universes are about to die![87] As Cyborg looks around he sees the Psycho Pirate, Firebrand, Psimon, Blue Beetle, King Solovar, Geo-Force, Firestorm, the new Killer Frost, Superman of Earth-Two, Arion, Dr. Polaris, Obsidian (from the Outsiders), Dawnstar, and John Stewart (aka Green Lantern). The Monitor continues, explaining that over thousand universes have perished already and that the anti-matter force is expanding, consuming all positive-matter realities. As the anti-matter wave draws closer, you will feel nature’s wrath as your planet cries out in agony. To combat this, he has established vibrational tuning-forks (to protect the vibrational barriers between pre-Crisis Earths) in crucial eras throughout time, designed to halt the antimatter wall. He requires the heroes to travel to each reality and activate each of the devices. Nobody truly trusts the Monitor, but they realize that they have little choice but to heed his warnings.[88]

At the same time, the spaceship that has been heading towards Earth from Starfire's home planet,[89] has been traveling for months. Their mission is twofold: [1] to chart the unexplained anomalies and shifting star-patterns and [2] finding Princess Koriand’r and returning her to Tamaran. They are now one day from earth.[90]

July 1985 – Less than a week has passed since Cyborgs disappearance. The antimatter wave has reached Earth-One. The Titans (Changeling, Jericho, Kole, Nightwing, Starfire and Wonder Girl) arrive along with the Outsiders (Batman, Black Lightning, Halo, Katana and Metamorpho) to protect as many citizens as possible. Superman also arrives to help guide the chaos. They are also confused as to why this is happening. Suddenly they all see the Flash appear before their eyes (Batman sees the Flash for a second time).[91] He tells them that something is happening in the future, everything is unraveling, fraying at the seams. Batman tries talking to him, but before the Flash can respond, he screams in pain and terror appearing to be pulled away and disappears. With no end in sight, Batman calls on the Outsiders, saying they’ve got a job to do. Nightwing and the Titans discuss the fear they saw in Batman and Superman and wonder if Trigon has returned.[92]

Back on the Monitor's satellite, the Monitor observes the tragedies and laments that it is happening quicker than he had hoped. As he begins to put the next phase of his plan into effect, the Harbinger returns. She is consumed by the influence of her new master.[93]

It’s 1879 in Coyote Texas. Cyborg turns up along with Green Lantern / John Stewart, Psimon and Firebrand. They meet up with several Southwestern heroes including Nighthawk, Scalphunter, Bat Lash, Johnny Thunder and Jonah Hex. The two dissimilar groups join forces and locate and protect one of the Monitor’s towers. As the heroes fight the Shadow Demons, they all appear to be consumed by the antimatter wave.[94]

Back in the present, the Titans and the Outsiders are in Metropolis, looking to the massive tower that has appeared in the middle of the city for answers (NOTE: They are unaware of the Monitor at this point and the war with the Anti-Monitor). As they approach, a female looking very similar to Dr. Light, speaks to them in Japanese. She tries to warn the heroes approaching her to stay away from the tower, and blasts them away with a burst of light. Black Lightning is concerned, but Katana, and Superman, understanding Japanese, realize she is an ally, tells the female Dr. Light that they are here to help.[95]

We return to the Monitor’s satellite. He has been watching the heroes valiantly, but vainly try to protect the cosmic tuning forks. As the Monitor tends to this next phase, Pariah emerges (from his adventure with the Flash on Earth-D) to find that the Monitor expecting him. He reveals to Pariah that he knows of his sins and has been responsible for his survival. Pariah is amazed, not just at what he hears, but at the satellite itself. The Monitor continues, explaining that the parallel Earths of One and Two are next to be destroyed. He then tells Pariah not to harm her until all is explained. Confused, Pariah asks of whom he speaks, but before he could say anything more, Harbinger appears, obviously not in control of herself (controlled by the Anti-Monitor). She strikes the Monitor with a powerful blast that sends him hurtling down platforms until he finally lands dead. Pariah mourns as he realizes that with the death of the Monitor came the death of all hope.[96]

Soon, the heroes of both Earths One and Two can only watch as their worlds, consumed by anti-matter, fade into seeming nothingness.[97] Seeing the two worlds consumed by his anti-monitor wave, a dark, malevolent force manically gloats to his playthings that the first two prime universes are gone. As he gloats, he realizes that neither the power from the worlds nor the power from the Monitor had flowed to him. As he muses, he says that in addition to the power afforded him by the Red Tornado and Psycho Pirate he still can also use the power of the Flash to accomplish his will.[98] At that exact moment, on the Monitor's satellite, a view screen activates and a pre-recorded image of the Monitor addresses both Lyla and Pariah. He tells them that upon his death, he was able to send out his life essence into the two earths and slow the vibrational frequency of the two earths, allowing the frequencies to sync. In so doing, he shunted them into a Netherworld of his own creation. [NOTE: A side-effect of the Monitor’s haste in creating the Netherworld, varying timelines begins to intermingle. The past is jumbled with the presence. The Monitor realized this could happen, so he caused Earth's populace to remain relatively calm.] He finishes the message by saying that he knew that Lya had been compromised, but he loves her none-the-less and bears her no ill will. At that point Alex Luthor Jr. makes his presence known and together the three decide to summon together a massive congregation of heroes to aid in the cause of preservation.[99]

Cyborg turns up at Alex Luthor Jr.’s gathering of heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two aboard the Monitor's Satellite. Many are upset that they have been summoned against their will. Together the three explain that a being called the Anti-Monitor is consuming all positive-matter realities, but also explain that in order for things to correct themselves, the Multiverse must be folded back upon itself and become a single universe – the way it was intended, or else all worlds will be destroyed. Our heroes learn that there are three remaining earths in addition to Earth’s One and Two, Earth-four, Earth-S and Earth-X. And that by saving these remaining five earths will they have the power to defeat the Anti-Monitor.[100] The heroes disperse, each joining groups to help contain the chaos.[101]

Overlooking the merging of the five Earths from his other-worldly asteroid is Alex Luthor Jr. He is joined by Lyla and Pariah. Lyla explains that she has been told the Monitor's plan and knows what part he'll play in the conclusion. She’ll need representatives of six Earths to protect the five reamaining Earths. So the three gather: ‘Superman’ from Earth-One, ‘Superman’ of Earth-Two,Uncle Sam’ from Earth-X,Captain Marvel’ from Earth-S, ‘Blue Beetle’ of Earth-Four and ‘Lady Quark’ from the now destroyed Earth-Six. Once they are all gathered, Lyla explains to them the birth of the multiverse, the roots of the Crisis and the origin of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. These six representatives prepare for a great battle and gather a team of heroes and heroines: Mon-El, Captain Atom, Jade, Green Lantern of Earth-Two, Wonder Woman, the Ray, Martian Manhunter, Wildfire, Firestorm, the new Dr. Light, and Supergirl are led by Pariah through the portal to the Anti-Matter Universe, that was opened by Alex Luthor, Jr. Soon they come upon the Anti-Monitor's floating stone fortress. A great and ferocious battle occurs, and Supergirl dies in Superman’s arms. The Anti-Monitor escapes to recuperate. At that moment, the Anti-Monitor's fortress falls apart and our heroes head back to back to their own universe.[102]

For the most part, the five Earths are for now out of danger. The time distortions have ceased, and the Earths remain linked, if not fully merged. Soon afterward, the worlds receive the news of Supergirl's death and a memorial service is held in Earth-One Chicago. Cyborg attends, including thousands of others. Batgirl makes the opening address, praising her friend, while both Lois Lane and Lana Lang oversee their respective broadcasts. Batgirl states that: "Kara is a hero. She will not be forgotten."[103]

Cyborg is next seen aboard the Justice League Satellite. He is with the Martian Manhunter. They are watching over an incapacitated Red Tornado. Together they greet, Firestorm, Firehawk and Vixen, who have the famed robotics expert Professor T.O. Morrow. Ray Palmer, the Earth-One Atom is also present (despite him being on hiatus from super-heroics).[104] As the Atom is inspecting Reddy’s body from the inside, something deep within the Tornado's bio-system activates and a huge explosion tears through the satellite. Morrow appears to be killed, and the Blue Devil finds himself transported to the Vegan system to deal with the Omega Men.[105] The rest of the heroes are able to escape with a wounded Manhunter.[106]

Three weeks have passed since Cyborg was first taken by the Harbinger. Cyborg and his teammates are in the nearly rebuilt Titans Tower in New York. He is debriefing them on all he has learned. Suddenly, Captain Karras and his men appear, announcing that Koriand'r must return with them to Tamaran at once.[107] She has been summoned by her father.

With the Crisis having been apparently abated (from the battle in the Anti-Matter Universe), she agrees to return to her homeworld with Captain Karras. Nightwing and Jericho decide to accompany her. Wonder Girl wishes she could go to, but must find her husband in the Warp Zone and Cyborg says he must stay as well, because he has been asked by Superman and the JLA to stay and help if needed.[108] Firehawk, Cyborg, Kole, Changeling and Wonder Girl then head to deal with what has been dubbed the Warp Zone to deal with the breach in Greenwich Village. The Warp Zone is where the five remaining Earths intersect one another and where strange time-distortion are still taking place and creatures from various timelines run-a-muck. Cyborg jumps from building to building offering support. Wonder Girl laments to Kole and Changeling that her husband is still lost somewhere in Warp Zone. Wonder Girl Meets Firehawk,[109] who decides to help her find her husband.[110]

At the United Nations Headquarters, representatives from the various parallel dimensions address the assembly on what the press is calling the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. Key note speakers include Pariah, Harbinger and young Alex Luthor Jr, who explains that the Antimatter Universe that attacked our earths has seemingly disappeared. Suddenly Pariah disappears to the horror of those present. Then a large and looming holographic image of Brainiac then Luthor appears before them and extends an ultimatum. Brainiac states that he already controls three of the five Earths (Four, X and S), and Luthor demands the unconditional surrender of the remaining two, or else he and Brainiac will unleash a destructive force that will obliterate all five. Superman, Power Girl of Earth-Two and several others try but fail to pierce the barrier separating the merging Earths. Lyla has an idea that may help. She gathers Jay Garrick and Wally West (aka Kid Flash) to help her. Together they rebuild Barry Allen's cosmic treadmill (which he used to travel through time by use of super-speed) and bring it to the Chelsea section of New York just north of Greenwich Village. Cyborg joins them, along with an assembly of heroes standing on connecting platforms, ready to do battle.[111] Cyborg heads to Earth-Four.[112]

As battles spread across the remaining universe, the Spectre, in a grand display of his power; makes his presence known across the five partially merged Earths. He speaks to all of the heroes and villains at once, warning them that the Anti-Monitor is still alive and that he has retreated into the past, to the dawn of time itself. And while everyone is engaged in meaningless battle, the Monitor is trying to consume all realities, leaving only the Anti-Matter Universe. He further explains that one group of ‘super-powered beings’ must travel to the beginning of time and the other half must go to Oa’s past, to the time of the mad-scientist Krona. He states that they must decide now. There will be no second chances. The various teams soon develop a strategy using various time-traveling capabilities – Rip Hunter’s Time-Sphere, the Legion of Super-Heroes’ Time-Bubbles and Lord of Time’s Temporal Transporter. The Spectre explains to both Supermen that time can be changed, but only from the dawn of time. Kid Flash and Wonder Girl discuss the mysterious disappearance of the Flash. As our heroes prepare to head to the dawn of time, the ‘Lord of Time’ takes Lex Luthor and his allies backwards in time ten billion years to the planet Oa, before Krona’s experiment creates the multiverse and the anti-matter universe.[113]

The team of villains fail. At the dawn of time, the heroes find the captured Pariah and face the awaiting Anti-Monitor. Fifty-strong channel all of their energy into him (their combined energies could decimate a solar system), but with the absorbed energy of all the universes the Anti-Monitor has consumed and the energy from his own anti-matter universe, he appears un-phased. Just then, the Spectre’s attack unleashes an explosion of energy, which appears to consume all reality.[114]

The Big Bang happens again!

As the heroes awaken, they realize that the Warp Zone has disappeared and that not everyone remembers the multiverse and the battle with the Anti-Monitor. Cyborg and the rest of these heroes gather at the Titan’s Tower. They talk amongst themselves about how they are unable to return to their own universe and are somehow stuck on Earth-One. As they seek answers, the Harbinger appears and reveals that with time resetting itself, the five surviving positive-matter universes have all merged into one, with histories from those universes merging into a single history and only those present at the battle at the Dawn of Time remember the multiverse. In short, what arose from the ashes is this singular universe – a New Earth. However, she also tells them, that in this universe, that even though there are duplicates of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman from varies earths now existing on this one earth that emerged, there is only history for one Superman, one Batman, one Robin and one Wonder Woman. Batman shows up, interrupts and explains that he, Robin (Jason Todd) and Alex Luthor, Jr. went to check out a hunch. They went to see Lex Luthor in his prison cell and realize that none of the supervillains that went back in time to Oa, to try and prevent Krona's experiment from taking place, remember ever taking that trip. This means that only those who were there at the Dawn of Time remember the mulitverse.[115]

Shortly after the meeting at the Titan Tower, the skies are thunderous and glow red. It spreads over the entire world. On a rooftop in New York, the two Supermen, seeing the sky, realize that the Earth is being drawn into the anti-matter universe. They are soon confronted by a huge image of the Anti-Monitor, welcoming them to his home, and to their deaths.[116] His visage is seen in the skies all over the globe. He explains that thousands of universes have perished without resistance, but you have refused. He then applauds their willingness to live, then tells them that it ultimately doesn’t matter nor do the deaths of both Supergirl and the Flash – because they will all die! Before he disappears and the skies turn black, he tells them that his Shadow Demons are ravaging the earth as he speaks. The Harbinger appears to both Supermen who stand on the rooftop dismayed and their plight and teleports them away.

Heroes from all over the globe begin to battle the Shadow Demons. In Philadelphia, Cyborg, the Son of Vulcan, the Vigilante,[117] and Yolanda Montez (the new Wildcat) fight the Shadow Demons and continue rescue operations. As Cyborg endeavors to save the city, a group of heroes strike at the Anti-Monitor. They are successful in bringing about his demise – putting an end to his tyranny and future conquest.[118]

After the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Cyborg's existence and history was completely altered, and although some elements from his history remained unchanged, he was ultimately transformed into a different person, existing on a different reality.

Powers and Abilities


Sound Blasting

Computer Interfacing


Genius Level Intellect: In addition to his mechanical enhancements, Stone possesses an "exceptionally gifted" level of intelligence; his IQ has been measured at 170.[119]

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  • Cyborg was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez.
  • He first appears in DC Comics Presents, #26 (October 1980).[120]
  • In this comic book series, Cyborg was a member of the New Teen Titans, and often worked alongside Robin. On the SuperFriends they did not appear to share a history with one another. They might have known each other however, since Cyborg was shown to be a member of the Teen Titans in the Anti-drug commercial (1983-1984). But Robin wasn't present. Still, in the Earth-1a universe, Robin was a member of the Teen Titans at some point or another as was mentioned in SuperFriends, #1 (November, 1976).
  • Cyborg replaced Black Vulcan as the Super Friends' black member.
  • Cyborg had exposed pecs in his comic design, which seems to have been simplified in the cartoon.


  • Victor Stone is Cyborg, a high school student merged with a Mother Box (New Gods technology).
  • Originally known as a member of the Teen Titans, Cyborg was established as a founding member of the Justice League in DC's 2011 reboot (the New 52) of its comic book titles.


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