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The Crisis on Infinite Earths was a major conflict that spanned the multiverse itself.

The conflict involved many of the different superheroes and supervillains of all of the different Earths.

Background Information

By the time of DC's "50th anniversary” in 1985, DC had concluded that the multiverse concept had run its course. While only three or four of the multiple Earths were really significant in any ongoing sense, the DC Universe felt far less cohesive than the Marvel Universe and some editors felt the multiple Earths were just too convoluted, particularly for newer readers. Some of this proliferation was the result of DC's acquisition of characters from other publishers (Charlton, Fawcett, and Quality, etc.). These publisher sets all inhabited their own parallel Earths.

The solution was a 12-issue mini-series called: "Crisis on Infinite Earths" (April, 1985 -- March, 1986) which focused on a cosmic threat that destroyed nearly all of the parallel Earths and collapsed the remaining ones into a "single, unified Earth" and should be referred to as "Post-Crisis continuity." The history of this ‘new universe’ was chronicled in a two-issue perfect-bound mini-series called "History of the DC Universe" (1986), followed by high-profile "reboots" of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Their doppelgängers were swept away, and with them, many of the trappings that were introduced during the Silver Age that spawned the multiple Earths.

An "additional" Chapter in the ’Crisis on Infinite Earths’ story is revealed in: "Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths" (1999). This one-shot was written by Marv Wolfman, who wrote the original maxi-series. This story has not been officially labeled canon. So at this point, it is up to the reader. This issue is intended to be read after issue #4 of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This chronology is assembled below contains information from all timelines and all continuities, the Crisis on Infinite Earths a 12-issue series as the foundation. What follows is meant to provide an overview of both publishing events, and fictional events.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths

In the Beginning…

In the Beginning…

In the beginning, there was only one Monitor who was as large as the void itself, but deep within, a flaw was found -- the ‘Multiverse’, an infinitesimal sub-reality in which all histories are contained.[1]

The Multiverse is Born

Dawn of Time: The ‘Multiverse’ was created as a result of the Oan scientist Krona's interference in the Big Bang. His meddling was the spark to ignite the ‘flaw’. This multiverse consisted of an infinite number of universes, which co-existed with an Antimatter Universe.

19-6 Billion Years Ago

  • Nineteen Billion Years Ago: The ‘Source’, a superior, yet finite creature comes into being.
  • Seventeen Billion Years Ago: The ‘Source’, generates life and becomes the "source" of power bestowed upon the first humanoid beings. These humanoids settled on the planet Urgrund (also known as Asgard or GodWorld). At this period of time, Urgrund was known as the First World.
  • Fifteen billion years ago, the planet Maltus formed. Millions of years passed as the planet slowly cooled and life formed in the moist air of the new world. The air borne life spread across the globe while more complex forms took to land and sea. The Maltusian race evolved, humanoid in appearance, one of the first intelligent life forms in the Universe. This was the beginning of a new age of cultural and scientific advancement. Their minds allowed them to create miracles as their lifetimes extended millions of years. Unfortunately, the power came at a price. And so, as their population increased, the humanoids evolved into separate races, blue-skinned and white-skinned. These races began to wage war against each other. Biological warfare resulted in the creation of a deadly disease virtually eliminating the possible of procreation, which almost wiped out the humanoids. Specifically, the white-skinned males. In order to survive, the blue-skinned male scientists of the polar city of Ap formed an alliance with an isolated society of white-skinned women who inhabited the Zamar area, and produced future generations of children by laboratory means. The males came to be called Aps, and the females Zamars. Those chosen to form a mediated group, raised the children, and called themselves Oans. As ages passed, the Oans evolved fantastic mental powers and increased lifespans, becoming virtually immortal.[2]
By this time, the natives of Urgrund attained godhood (now known as the Old Gods). This became the beginning of a new era, and Urgund was now known as the Second World. They had reached physical perfection.
Out of fear and vanity, the Old Gods turned on their creator. Being quite unprepared, the‘Source’ was virtually split in two: the ‘Source’ and the ‘Anti-Life.’ The Source is "injured" by the split, which allowed the Old Gods a period of supremacy for an eon or two (NOTE: As an aside when the universe is reordered following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Source finds it more difficult to locate and potentially recombine with its lost half).[3]
  • 10 billion years ago,[4] Krona, an ancient scientist from the planet Oa (retconned to be Maltus),[5] in a forbidden experiment looked back in time to the beginning of the universe. His interference with nature somehow retroactively became the spark to ignite the ‘flaw’, thus creating an anti-matter counterpart to the universe, as well as splintering the single universe into a multiverse consisting of an infinite number of parallel universes, each with duplicates of all stars and planets except for what would eventually be known as the planet Oa. This unique planet has no duplicate in the multiverse. It is only duplicated in the antimatter universe as the planet Qward. The energies resulting from this also paradoxically cause the creation/birth of the Monitor on Oa's moon and the Anti-Monitor on the moon of Qward. The 'Monitor' spends his life in silent meditation, learning the secrets of the universe. While the 'Anti-Monitor' is hell-bent on destruction and conquest. To accomplish this heinous goal, he creates the Thunderers and then the Shadow Demons to aid him in the conquest of the Anti-matter universe. Krona witnesses this primordial conquest as he gazes back into the past he inadvertently changed, and witnesses the ‘hand of darkness’ (which is representative of the Anti-Monitor's hand) rising up from the chaos 'beyond Hell' (clearly from the Anti-Matter Universe) trying to cause the emergence of the Shadowlands (the "Primordial Darkness").[6] As the Anti-Monitor enjoyed his reign, he was awakened to his ‘positive-matter self’ and the positive matter universe in which he lived. He engaged him in a great battle, but being equals, they just ended up knocking each other unconscious simultaneously.[7] Krona is reduced to disembodied energy and banished to circle throughout the universe.[8]
The Oans, feeling responsible for renegade scientist Krona's creation of the Antimatter Universe and the mulitiverse, and wanting to champion the cause of order, decided that a group of volunteers would colonize a planet near the center of the universe, which they named 'Oa'. It is from here that they believed that they could do the most good.[9] These Oans, were consumed by guilt. They had created Evil, so they must do something to constrain it. Their first attempt to do so was the construction of 'Manhunter robots', which later proved defective. Their second, and better, solution was the creation of the Green Lantern Corps. Still, there were dissenters among the Oans who maintained that evil must be destroyed, not contained. This leads to a civil war. These dissidents eventually broke away, traveled to another universe and evolved into the Controller race. The group that remained on Oa became the Guardians of the Universe.[10] The females, however, saw no need to involve themselves and, since the Oans were by then immortal and had no more need to reproduce, left their mates and became settled on the planet Zamaron and became known as the Zamarons.[11]

5,000,000,000:[12] The Star Sol ignites

4,500,000,000:[13] Planet Earth forms from dust and gases around Sol.

4,000,000,000:[14] Life appears on Earth-One (and Earth-1A).

999,998,038 B.C.: The Demons Three (Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast) ruled the primitive Earth until the Timeless Ones imprisoned each of the demons and bound their power to three mystical artifacts. [Note: The Demons Three languish in their prisons for close to a billion years, until Felix Faust attempts to free them in 1975 AD.][15]

252,000,000 B.C.: The Mesozoic age begins on Earth. Black Manta and Giganta lure Aquaman and Apache Chief to a time barrier to trap them in this prehistoric era where they are being attacked by a giant Water dinosaur.

122,366,538 B.C.: This is the year that Grax states that his amnesia bombs was hidden. Red Tornado and Tuatara were searching for the bomb in New Zealand, but they were unable to locate it until time travelling to this period. While in that period, they find themselves under attack by two individuals of an unknown variety of dinosaur that seemed to be similar to a tyrannosaurus.[16]

70,000,000 B.C.: Wonder Woman and the Atom arrive from the year 1980 to stop Dr. Wells from staying in the past.[17]

66,000,000 B.C.: The Mesozoic age ends this year. (approximately)

998,019 B.C.: A race of forgotten Earthlings that are now long extinct, known as the Hiss-Men begin to multiply in numbers on Earth, becoming a menace to the early humans that lived on Earth during this period.

59,600 B.C.: The Time Trapper went back in time from the year 1978 in an apparent attempt to sink Atlantis before they develop the technology to create the domes they need to survive when the Continent first sunk. If successful, it would be the virtual extinction of the modern race of Atlanteans. Superman and Aquaman arrive just in time to stop the attempt.[19] This attempt however, may be the inevitable cause of the continent sinking.

50,000 B.C.: Cro-Magnon Vandar Adg watches his father die at the hands of Rip Hunter, a time traveler from the future. Moments later, young Vandar and another man named Klarn are bathed in the radiation of a newly fallen meteor, granting him an incredible intellect and immortality. They will ultimately become Vandal Savage and the Immortal Man, respectively — immortal enemies.[20]

  • This is also the year that the Star-Spangled Kid becomes stranded in the past, and spends several weeks on the run from a tribe of primitive men before being rescued by the JLA and JSA.[21]
  • It is also around this time, a wave of power (aka godwave) from the ‘Source’ makes its first pass over earth. Soon after, the first god's appear on earth (including the Greek, Scandanavian and Egyptian pantheons). Thus begins the Third World.[22]

28,002 B.C.:[23] The Old Gods on Urgrund rebelled against their Maker. In retribution, the 'Source' destroyed them and created the New Gods. However, its diminished stature caused the New Gods to be flawed, leading the New Gods to diverge from the Source's wishes and only able to understand cryptic commands through messages written by a disembodied hand. They eventually form two camps, and settle on the two halves of their split homeworld: New Genesis and Apokolips – good versus evil. So begins the Fourth World.[24]

Some years later, Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, launches a surprise attack on New Genesis. He has his uncle Steppenwolf murder Avia, the wife of Izaya, the leader of New Genesis. A devastating conflict begins between the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips. As each side works to develop ever more sophisticated technology and weapons, Himon, a technician on Apokolips, discovers the "X-Element", which allows matter to be transported across the universe almost instantly, and uses it to create the "Boom Tube." Finally, Izaya, fearing that the New Gods will destroy themselves as the Old Gods did, renounces war and becomes Highfather, (the philosophically pacifist leader) of New Genesis.[25]

28,000 B.C.: The species known as the Submen are the dominant race on Earth, ruling over primitive humans. Eventually, a revolt occurs, and the Submen's rule ends. They become extinct, all but one, King Kull, who survives in suspended animation.[26]

18,036 B.C.: The Ice Age occurs around this time. The last of the ice ages of the days of old. As the Earth begins to warm up, the Icemen, a race of Earthlings begin to gradually die out, to the extent that there is only one left by 1968.[27]

9,600 B.C.: The Great Cataclysm (the incident that caused Atlantis to sink beneath the ocean) occurs this year.[28]

9,019 B.C.: Varying accounts indicate Doctor Mist[29] was active either 11,000 years ago (from 1981) or no earlier than 5,000 B.C. In a post-crisis stroy, there lived a man named Maltis who lived in the ancient African realm of Kor.[30] As he grew to adulthood, he changed his name to Nommo and established himself as king of Kor and guardian of the mystic Flame of Life. As the Flames guardian, he is able to absorb its powers, becoming immortal. From here forward, Maltis was able to create the Stones of Life. He keeps one for himself and gives the others[31] to an emerging race of magical humanoids known as the Homo magi.[32]

In the Earth-1A story-line, Doctor Mist’s story begins 11,000 years ago. ‘Doctor Mist’ was king of Kor (only name given in Earth-1A continuity),[33] one of the greatest empires of its day, one of the greatest the world has ever known. Shortly after he was imbued with power he had his likeness carved into the side of a mountain, as a way to inspire fear in his enemies. To impress upon them, the fact that he was the one to look upon with awe. He stays at this ‘Mountain Retreat[34] in Africa never leaving, as sort of a personal exile, because he is so powerful.[35]

8006 B.C.: The Kherubim/Daemonite War rages in outer space, as two spacecraft from both sides of the war are locked in combat, and crashland on Earth.[36]

3019 B.C.: In Egypt, Shazam uses his magic to give Teth-Adam incredible powers. He then becomes Black Adam, who eventually goes rogue, and Shazam has him banished to the End of the Universe.

1479 B.C.: Hatshepsut becomes the pharoah of Egypt, she is the first to inherit the powers of Isis, which was given to her by the Royal Sorcerer, who gave her Isis' amulet.[38]

1194 BC: The Trojan War begins.

1184 BC: The Trojan War ends with the Greeks famous Trojan Horse invasion into the city of Troy.

58 B.C.: The Gallic Wars begin this year.[39]

52 B.C.: The Siege of Alesia takes place this year.[40]

50 B.C.: The Gallic Wars end this year.

27 B.C.: The Roman Empire is founded, ruled by Emperor Augustus.[41]

1698 A.D. / 300 Years Ago:[42]
Guided by the Source, the Highfather forges a pact with Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips. To seal it, they exchanged their young sons: Darkseid sent Orion to be raised on New Genesis by the Highfather, while the Highfather’s young son grows up on Apokolips in the orphanage of Granny Goodness, receiving the ironic name Scott Free.[43]

The Crisis

The Crisis

Billions of years after the awakening of the Monitors, a scientist from an unnamed earth[44] (later known as Pariah) discovers parallel-universes and attempts to view the creation of the universe. Instead he sets off an anti-matter wave that consumes his entire universe (aka a ‘positive-matter’ universe) while he bears witness. It also awakens the Anti-Monitor to the power found in the destruction of ‘positive-matter universes.’ The Monitor is also awakened and uses Pariah to guide him to each universe targeted by the Anti-Monitor.[45]

Pariah is helpless as he is transported to hundreds of worlds and is forced to watch them be consumed by the anti-matter wave – weeks become months, until he eventually finds himself on the parallel world known as Earth-Three. The Crime Syndicate: (Ultraman, Owlman, Super-Woman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick), in a rare demonstration of heroism, strives to save their beleaguered planet. However, even their combined might cannot prevent their deaths at the antimatter wall.[46]

Just before Earth-Three was destroyed, the planet's sole hero, Lex Luthor and his wife Lois are able to place their son Alex Luthor, Jr. in an experimental rocket capsule. As Earth-Three dies, Alexander's capsule pierces the vibrational wall separating dimensions. It lands on the abandoned Justice League Satellite orbiting Earth-One.[47]

On board another satellite, somewhere between all space and time,[48] the Monitor summons his assistant Lyla. He instructs her to travel to various alternate Earths and bring together a select group of super-powered beings – both heroes and villains. She transforms into the Harbinger and uses her power to create replicant versions of herself and sends them to the various Earths. The Monitor meanwhile, prepares to gather Alexander Luthor's space capsule.[49]

The first of Harbinger's replicants travels to Earth-One and gathers King Solovar from Gorilla City and another replicant summons Dawnstar of the Legion of Super-Heroes during the 30th Century. On Earth-Four she gathers the Blue Beetle from the Chicago. On Earth-Two, she travels to the year 1942, to find All-Star Squadron member Firebrand. Then to the present on Earth-Two and collects the Psycho-Pirate who is confined to an institution. She then heads 45,000 years in the past, to Pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis (confirmed to be Earth-One in Crisis on Infinite Earths, #3) to find Arion the Sorcerer – high Mage and lord of Atlantis. She then takes the Psycho-Pirate with her back to Earth-One to gather new Killer Frost (Louise Lincoln) and Firestorm. The Harbinger wanted the Psycho-Pirate to cause Killer Frost to fall in love with the Earth. The Psycho-Pirate performs this task and also causes Killer Frost to fall in love with Firestorm.[50]

Later, aboard the Monitor’s satellite we find more super-powered beings: Psimon, Superman of Earth-Two, Geo-Force, Obsidian (from the Outsiders), Cyborg (from the new Teen Titans), Dr. Polaris and John Stewart (aka Green Lantern). Before the assemblage has a chance to acclimate itself to their foreign environment, a horde of Shadow Demons attacks them. They fight them off until the Monitor arrives. He casts a brilliant burst of light, which dispels the shadows. Introducing himself, he tells the impatient gathering that the Multiverse may soon be destroyed by a wave of antimatter energy.[51]

Meanwhile, in the universe known as Earth-One, in the 30th century, Chameleon Boy, Phantom Girl, Lightning Lass, Colossal Boy and Brainiac 5 look for Dawnstar. As they do, temporal distortions begin to occur. As Brainiac 5 searches for an answer, he sees that there is an anti-matter wave heading towards them, large enough to destroy the whole universe; but he cannot determine yet from where.[52]

Back in the 20th century, in Gotham City, as the Batman squares off with the Joker, he sees a distraught image of the Flash moving backwards in time, warning about the end of the world. Batman tries to talk to the Flash, but he disintegrates before his eyes.[53]

On board the Monitor’s satellite, he explains that before a world is destroyed by a wave of antimatter energy, it will experience all sorts of catastrophic events. To combat this, he has established vibrational tuning-forks (to protect the vibrational barriers between pre-Crisis Earths) in crucial eras throughout time, designed to halt the antimatter wall. He requires the heroes to travel to each reality and activate each of the devices. Nobody truly trusts the Monitor, but they realize that they have little choice but to heed his warnings.[54]

Superman of Earth-Two, King Solovar and Dawnstar travel to into the future between the present and the 30th century – the post-apocalyptic, parallel-world known as Earth-AD -- to the world of adventurer Kamandi (future descendant of Earth-One’s Superman)[55] to find the Monitor’s device. A horde of Shadow Demons arrives, but the heroes manage to drive them away.[56]

Arion, Obsidian and the Psycho-Pirate arrive in ancient Atlantis. They are surprised to find that Pariah is there with them. Wanting to inflict his emotional tyranny on others, the Psycho-Pirate no longer appears to be a good fit for his new comrades. He suddenly disappears and rematerializes in a darkened room. A deep voice bellows forth to him, commanding him to follow his every order. Psycho-Pirate, terrified by this mysterious individual, meekly complies.[57]

Back on the Monitor's satellite, the Monitor asks Harbinger to retrieve Alexander Luthor from his nursery. Harbinger is shocked to discover that the baby is now the age of a young child. Suddenly, the dark influence of a Shadow Demon takes control of her, commanding her to betray the Monitor.[58]

The Monitor, through his experiments, that the now teenaged Alex Luthor's passage through the anti-matter storm had granted him power over both matter and anti-matter – a bridge between the two -- while also dramatically accelerating the child's aging process. This power, he believes could hold the key to stopping the Crisis. Harbinger, still under the influence of a dark, mysterious entity, leaves the Monitor's satellite and reports to her new master.[59]

On Earth-One in the 30th century, the Flash after only a month into enjoying his retirement with Iris in the future,[60]is forced out of retirement to halt a series of natural disasters. Then he sees it -- a wave of pure antimatter spreading outwards in the distance. He vibrates his molecules at super-speed sending himself backwards through time to avoid the wave and warn the Justice League.[61]

Back in the 20th century of Earth One, the antimatter wave has reached Earth-One and it slowly begins to dissolve everything in its path. The Teen Titans (Changeling, Cyborg, Jericho, Kole, Nightwing / Dick Grayson, Starfire and Wonder Girl / Donna Troy) team up with the Outsiders (Black Lightning, Halo, Katana and Metamorpho) to save as many citizens of New York City as possible. Batman and Superman arrive to lend a hand. They are also confused as to why this is happening. Suddenly, the Flash appears to the gathered heroes. He tells them that something is happening in the future, everything is unraveling, fraying at the seams. Batman tries talking to him, but before the Flash can respond, he screams in pain and terror as he is pulled away and disappears.[62]

Meanwhile, above the earth, in outer space, Brainiac's skull-ship surveys the progress of the antimatter wave. He logically deduces that in order to preserve his own life, he must help to save the Multiverse. Brainiac flies off to find his old partner, Lex Luthor.[63]

As we check in with our hero’s who are protecting the vibrational tuning forks, we arrive in Markovia in the spring of 1944. Blue Beetle, Doctor Polaris and Geo-Force are joined by American military forces Easy Company, the Losers and the Haunted Tank. As they protect the energy tower form curious Nazis, the Shadow Demons arrive. They kill Easy Company's Flower (probably Farmer Boy, not Flower), and the Loser members: Johnny Cloud, Captain Storm, Gunner, and Sarge. The Monitor, who is observing, perceives their immanent defeat and sends the remaining heroes back to their own time.[64]

On Earth-AD, Superman of Earth-Two, Dawnstar, Solovar and Kamandi after defeating the Shadow Demons, stand by helplessly and dismayed as the sky turns the color of blood and lightning storms erupt all around them. As they watch, Solovar succumbs to his recent injuries and dies in Kamandi's arms.[65]

In 1879, Cyborg, Green Lantern / John Stewart, Psimon and Firebrand materialize in the town of Coyote, Texas. They meet up with several Southwestern heroes including Nighthawk, Scalphunter, Bat Lash, Johnny Thunder and Jonah Hex. The two dissimilar groups join forces and locate another one of the Monitor’s towers. As the heroes fight the Shadow Demons, Nighthawk is consumed by the antimatter wave.[66]

On Earth-One in 30th century Metropolis, the Legion of Super-Heroes (Sun Boy, Lightning Lass, Colossal Boy and Wildfire) are trying to stop the anti-matter wave. At the same time, Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl are at their HQ trying to reach Kid Psycho in England. Mon-El and Element Lad investigate, only to find that Kid Psycho has perished helping to save innocent lives.[67]

In the same universe, on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe make a last-ditch effort to combat the hysteria that is gripping the universe. Realizing that the earth’s Green Lantern, John Stewart is still in the 19th century embroiled in the Monitor’s battles, they awaken Guy Gardner from his coma,[68] gather him up and transport him to Oa. Civilian Hal Jordan hitches a ride.[69]

Back on the Monitor's satellite, the Monitor observes the tragedies and laments that it is happening quicker than he had hoped. As he begins to put the next phase of his plan into effect, the Harbinger returns. She is consumed by the influence of her new master.[70]

On a rooftop, in an unnamed city, a despondent Batgirl observes the chaos around her. She awaits her friend Supergirl. Linda arrives and gives encouragement, but also bad news. She tells Barbara that she has spoken to Superman and the Titans and they believe that the Flash may have died. As they discuss the end of the world, Supergirl is called a way to help a small plane that has gotten to close to the anti-matter wave.[71]

On Earth-Six Pariah arrives to observe the antimatter wave. He is immediately confronted by a royal superhero family, Lord Volt, Lady Quark, and Princess Fern. As explains their plight and that he is not the enemy, and pleads with them to come with him, Princess Fern is consumed by the wave. Lord Volt attempts to save her as well and is consumed. As Lady Quark helplessly watches, Pariah transports her safely away.[72]

Numerous earths of alternate realities are destroyed by a wave of anti-matter controlled by the Anti-Monitor. From his station in the Antimatter Universe, The Anti-Monitor and the Psycho Pirate watch as Pariah rescues Lady Quark from destruction on Earth-Six. He cares not, as all will be destroyed. As fate would have it, Lady Quark, Pariah and the Flash from the 30th century all arrive on Earth-D. The anti-matter wave has apparently prevented the Flash from traveling back in time to his own time from Earth-One’s future. It soon becomes apparent that their world is about to be consumed by the anti-matter wave. Pariah explains to that earth’s heroes, the Justice Alliance of America that the red skies and aberrant weather are the first signs of the coming wave and that the wave erases anything it touches from existence. Unable to leave himself, the Flash convinces Pariah to go to Earth-One, seeking the Justice League’s help. Pariah agrees, already feeling a sense of penance. Upon arriving on Earth-D, Batman asks the Flash about his time-traveling pleas for help. The Flash is unaware of the events. The Anti-Monitor sends his Shadow Demons to distract them. The heroes battle valiantly, but their powers are ineffective against the shadows. As the Anti-Monitor watches, he decides that he has a use for Barry Allen and teleports the Flash to him. With no hope of saving their world the JAA tells the JLA members to return home to save their world. The League leaves through the portal, and Earth-D's remaining heroes choose to go down fighting.[73]

On Earth-Two in the time of Camelot, Firestorm and Killer Frost (still under the love thrall of Psycho-Pirate) get help from the Shining Knight to protect the cosmic tuning fork. Vandal Savage (of Earth Two) is nearby, watching as they engage the Shadow Demons. Amazingly, as the three heroes engage in battle, the Shadows merge and form a giant Shadow Demon. This also happens in the other time periods.[74]

Meanwhile, the Anti-Monitor kidnaps the Red Tornado, who is busy saving those in need.[75]

At that exact moment, down below, in the present time of Earth-One in Metropolis, unsure of what to do, the heroes look to the cosmic tuning fork for answers. As they approach, a female looking very similar to Dr. Light, speaks to them in Japanese. She tries to warn the heroes approaching her to stay away from the tower, and blasts them away with a burst of light. Katana, and Superman, understanding Japanese, realize she is an ally, tells the female Dr. Light that they are here to help.[76]

Amidst the chaos that the natural disasters and red skies have brought, Wonder Woman of Earth-One has returned to Paradise Island for help. Queen Hippolyta tells her that she and the Amazons have prayed to the gods and they have spoken from Olympus through Athena. They were told that they cannot save us or themselves. Thus, Amazons are left to the same fate as the world they left.[77]

We return to the Monitor’s satellite. He has been watching the heroes valiantly, but vainly try to protect the cosmic tuning forks. He then goes about putting the second phase of his plan into effect. He fires an ion-based energy ray into an unstable star in the Vegan system in the Earth-One universe, he causes a powerful flare of solar energy to travel to Earth. It reaches the observatory of Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, who berates her staff as she uses the telescope to observe the destructive phenomenon present. She screams as the flare strikes her and then mysteriously transports her out of the lab, leaving her fellow workers and her father wondering what happened to her. As the Monitor tends to this next phase, Pariah emerges (from his adventure with the Flash on Earth-D) to find that the Monitor expecting him. He reveals to Pariah that he knows of his sins and has been responsible for his survival. Pariah is amazed, not just at what he hears, but at the satellite itself. The Monitor continues, explaining that the parallel Earths of One and Two are next to be destroyed. He then tells Pariah not to harm her until all is explained. Confused, Pariah asks of whom he speaks, but before he could say anything more, Harbinger appears, obviously not in control of herself. She strikes the Monitor with a powerful blast that sends him hurtling down platforms until he finally lands dead. Pariah mourns as he realizes that with the death of the Monitor came the death of all hope.[78]

At that moment, the heroes of both Earths One and Two can only watch as their worlds, consumed by anti-matter, fade into seeming nothingness.[79]

Seeing the two worlds consumed by his anti-monitor wave, a dark, malevolent force manically gloats to his playthings, the Psycho-Pirate and the Red Tornado that the first two prime universes are gone. As he gloats, he realizes that neither the power from the worlds nor the power from the Monitor had flowed to him. As he muses, he says that in addition to the power afforded him by the Red Tornado and Psycho Pirate he still can also use the power of the Flash to accomplish his will.[80]

On the Monitor's satellite, a view screen activates and a pre-recorded image of the Monitor addresses both Lyla and Pariah. He tells them that upon his death, he was able to send out his life essence into the two earths and slow the vibrational frequency of the two earths, allowing the frequencies to sync. In so doing, he shunted them into a Netherworld of his own creation. Knowing Harbinger had been compromised, the Monitor set this up as a safeguard, but in his haste time has been distorted. He ends the message by telling Lyla that he loved her and bears her no ill will. At that point Alex Luthor Jr. makes his presence known and together the three decide to summon together a massive congregation of heroes to aid in the cause of preservation.[81]

The dark, malevolent force realizes now what the Monitor has done. He addresses his playthings, and this time he has another -- the Flash! He promises the Psycho-Pirate that he will have his own worlds to rule and has him use his emotion-controlling abilities to keep the Flash in line.[82]

On Earth-One, varying timelines begins to intermingle, a side effect of the Monitor’s haste. Amazingly, Earth's populace remains relatively calm, another side-effect of the Monitor's influence.[83]

Back on the Monitor's satellite, Alex, Pariah and Harbinger have summoned together a massive congregation of heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two – against their will (some from their adventure with the Flash on Earth-D). Together the three explain the present situation, but also explain that in order for things to correct themselves, the Multiverse must be folded back upon itself and become a single universe – the way it was intended, or else all worlds will be destroyed.[84]

Many heroes descend to the planet below, unsure if they will follow this new triumvirate.[85]

Rip Hunter and the Time Masters, caught in an unstable time-stream, try to solve the mystery of the inter-connecting timelines.[86]

Members of the Green Lantern Corps fly to Oa to seek aid and find out why their power-rings are not working from the Guardians of the Universe, only to find that most of the Guardians have been placed in some sort of stasis beam.[87]

Back in the darkness of their prison, the Anti-Monitor toys with the Red Tornado. Soon he is transforming him into something else, something sinister – the valiant member of the JL no longer exists.[88]

On the surface of the planet below, there is much confusion. Starfire and the Legionnaire Sun Boy fly to Russia to help Red Star tackle a dinosaur. Wildcat saves a little girl from crumbling debris, but his legs are crushed in the process. In addition to taking care of theses temporal anomalies, our heroes don’t’ seem to know if they are on Earth-One or Two. Batman invites a group of heroes and villains into the Bat-Cave for consultation.[89]

The Justice League, Outsiders, Infinity, Inc., All-Star Squadron, and Legion join forces to battle the Red Tornado, who is being used by the Anti-Monitor to cause chaos across the surviving Earths.[90]

Elsewhere, the Flash overcomes Psycho-Pirate's control and demands to see the face of the being who abducted him. The enemy steps forward and introduces himself as the ‘Monitor.’ This Monitor however, is not the same as the one who just died. He is more gruesome and mechanical-looking.[91]

It soon becomes clear to our heroes that Alex Luther, Jr. and the Harbinger’s plea must not go unheeded. And so, the remaining heroes ascend to the Monitor’s satellite. On board, Alex Luthor Jr. explains that in addition to Earth’s One and Two, there only remain three more Earths: Earth-four, Earth-S and Earth-X. And that by saving these remaining five earths will they have the power to defeat the Anti-Monitor.[92]

Soon, the Flash is able to overcome the Psycho Pirates control. As he does, the Monitor gloats that the other Monitor is dead and that soon he will be able to absorb that Monitor’s energy – the energy which saved the universes containing Earths One and Two. And soon he will destroy both the Monitor’s satellite and all super-powered champions. Only then will ultimate power be his. He then, granting his promise to Psycho-Pirate, showed him the three remaining Earths and causes the villain's emotion-controlling powers to increase to an incredible scale, affecting the three remaining Earths.[93]

Back on the satellite of the deceased Monitor, the heroes try to rescue each other as it is now being ripped apart. As the Pariah is transported elsewhere, he screams out because of the terror he knows he is about to face, Alex Luthor Jr. (of Earth-Three) hooks himself to one of the machines, to draw Earths Four, S, and X into the Monitor's netherverse. Harbinger knocks him unconscious to prevent his sacrifice, knowing he has a greater destiny. She then flies toward the power-well at the center of the satellite and disappears into it, moments before the satellite blows apart.[94]

On Earth-Two, the Al Pratt (aka the Earth-Two Atom) carries Ted Grant (aka Wildcat) who is in pain from his shattered legs, to a bed in an apartment. Outside, Yolanda Montez (Ted Grant’s goddaughter) mourns for Ted, vowing that she’ll become a new Wildcat and will carry on in his honor.[95]

On Earth-One, Lex Luthor, fleeing from Superman,[96] is transported to Brainiac's ship. Luthor is surprised, never having seen Brainiac in his robotic form. The living computer reveals a plan to make them rulers of the universe.[97]

Some of the heroes that were onboard the satellite, now find themselves on Earth-X. The new Dr. Light, Starfire, Earth-Two heroes: Hawkman, Northwind and Commander Steel are on hand to defend the planet. While there, they see an image of the Harbinger in the anti-matter fray. But even more disturbing, is the horde of people heading toward the anti-matter wave like lemmings -- obviously under the influence of the Psycho Pirate. This influence affects Earth-X heroes, Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters, who take to battling the heroes.[98]

Other heroes were transported to Earth-Four, where they also encounter the antimatter wave. Azrael, the Earth Two Flash, J'onn J'onzz, Katana, Blue Beetle (of Earth-Four) and his Bug all try to stop the impending doom. They are hindered by Earth-Four heroes: Captain Atom, Judo Master, Nightshade, Peacekeeper, Thunderbolt, the Question who also appear to be under the influence of the Psycho Pirate.[99]

Back in Atlantis, on a partially merged Earth-One and Two, the Atlantis of Arion's time now exists above the waves, but the underwater Atlantean cities of Tritonis and Poseidonis have been transplanted to what appears to be the new Earth of the future. As Aquaman along with Aqualad and Aquagirl make this discovery, they are observed by Black Manta and the Ocean Master who take this opportunity to plot against them while their weak. Aquaman takes off to find his estranged wife Mera.[100] Lori Lemaris is also present, unable to find her home in Tritonis. They are all observed from the shadows by an occasional ally of Aquaman, Dolphin (an underwater super-powered girl with extra-terrestrial origins) who follows stealthily from behind.[101]

The final group of heroes from the Monitor's satellite appear on Earth-S, where the Changeling, Supergirl, Kole, Wonder Woman, and the Black Canary, are all on hand combating the anti-matter wave. Here too, we find the handiwork of the Psycho Pirate affecting the Earth-S heroes: Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr. and Uncle Dudley. Wonder Woman, like our heroes on Earth-X catches a glimpse of Harbinger in the anti-matter fray.[102]

Suddenly the cosmos shutters! The universes containing Earths S, X, and 4 all begin to move away from the anti-matter cloud into the focused image of the Harbinger – into the netherverse the Monitor created. Thus linking them together with Earths 1 and 2. The worlds, while safely synchronizing, are still separated by different vibratory rates and cannot stay this way for long. Now drained of her power, Harbinger reverts back to being Lyla and joins Alex Luthor Jr. on an asteroid overlooking the five universes. Because of Lyla’s sacrifice, the Psycho-Pirate begins to lose control over the people's emotions.[103]

Back on Earth-Two, Alan Scott (aka Green Lantern), Power Girl, and Jonathan Chambers (aka Johnny Quick of the All-Star Squadron) are on hand as a calmness settles, the other earths become more visible and the anti-matter wave disappears. As they confer with one another, they watch in disbelief as their captured villains, Star Sapphire, Per Degaton, and Deathbolt suddenly vanish. Their disappearance has nothing to do with the anti-matter cloud.[104]

While on the asteroid, Alex Luthor Jr. and the Harbinger (now Lyla) are joined by Pariah. He laments over his plight to see the destruction of countless worlds. He asks Lyla if the Monitor to her his purpose in it all. While she does not have the answers he seeks, she does know the Monitor believed he was important to the conclusion of the Crisis. She then said that she will provide an explanation, but not to him alone. There are five earths that remain and representatives of six universes that need to know. She then asks him to transport them to earth where she will gather the representatives.[105]

Back on Earth-S, outside of what used to be Fawcet City, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Tawky Tawny, Changeling and Supergirl are present when Dr. Sivana and Ibbac suddenly vanish. Unbeknownst to our heroes, they are transported through space to Brainiac’s ship. Our heroes are joined by Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Uncle Dudley, Kole and the Black Canary. As they gather together, Lyla appears to them and asks that one representative from each earth joins her because there is much that needs to be explained. She asks ‘Captain Marvel’ to be that representative. At the same time, Pariah gathers ‘Blue Beetle’ on Earth-Four and Alex Luthor collects ‘Superman’ of Earth-One and ‘Superman’ of Earth-Two. ‘Lady Quark’ from the now destroyed Earth-Six and ‘Uncle Sam’ from Earth-X are on the guest list too.[106]

Our six hero-representatives find themselves on Alex Luthor’s asteroid, where Lyla explains to them the birth of the multiverse and the roots of the Crisis: Krona, a scientist from a world of immortals called Oa, performed a forbidden experiment of looking backwards in time to the creation of the universe. His peering back, not only created an evil antimatter duplicate[107] of the known universe, it also created endless positive-matter duplicates of the universe. Oa is the only planet not duplicated in the multiverse (positive universe earths). It did however receive and an opposite in the antimatter universe, where it was called Qward. Krona was subsequently banished from his world. The Oans attempted to atone for his misdeed through the creation of both the race of robot Manhunters and the Green Lantern Corps. Yet not all Oans were pleased with this course of action and it led to a civil war. So, half of the population left Oa for another dimension to build weapons of great destructive powers. This race of Oans soon evolved into the beings now known as the Controllers. Lyla goes on to explain the origin of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor: On the moons of both Oa and Qward, two similar but opposed beings emerged – becoming the Monitors. The Monitor of the ‘positive-matter universe’ simply sought knowledge about his universe, while the Monitor of the ‘other universe’ sought control over it by creating an army of warriors called the ‘Thunderers’ and ‘Shadow Demons’. The two Monitors became aware of each other and waged war with each other for a million years, until a simultaneous attack rendered them both unconscious for nine billion years. Lyla concludes her story by explaining how Pariah inadvertently awakened the Anti-Monitor: Pariah was a leading scientist on Earth of his universe. Against the counsel of others, he longed to examine the origin of the universe. Pariah set up a chamber in his lab where he could enter a pocket of the antimatter universe to observe the creation of the universe. As he did, his entrance set off a chain reaction, creating an antimatter wave that destroyed his universe, leaving Pariah stranded in his ‘anti-matter chamber’, devastated by his own hubris. When the anti-matter universe expanded to fill the void, the Anti-Monitor awakened; feeding on the consumed power. The power shift also awakened the Monitor, who knew that he needed to go on the offense to protect the remaining positive matter universes or all power would be consumed by the Anti-Monitor. As the Monitor began to fashion his energy globe to travel the stars, he saw Pariah floating in the ‘netherversal chamber’ and how he could be used to save the remaining universes. Pariah had a unique gift. He could sense where evil would strike and believed he could follow Pariah to where the anti-matter waves were and stop them. But with every universe that was consumed the Monitors power grew weaker. Soon, the Monitor needed a new plan. He soon found young Lyla, floating in the ocean after her ship had sunk. The Monitor raised the child and prepared her for a great mission.[108]

As our select group of heroes assemble for the great battle, other heroes are concerned for their safety and success. Among the concerned heroes are the Spectre, Phantom Stranger and Deadman. They are discussing whether or not they should go with them. The Phantom Stranger reminds them that their powers will be useless in the Anti-Matter Universe, so they decide to wait.[109]

The tragic death of Supergirl during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.[110]

The Supermen of Earth-One and Earth-Two, Mon-El, Lady Quark, Captain Atom, Jade, Green Lantern of Earth-Two, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, the Ray, Martian Manhunter, Wildfire, Firestorm, Dr. Light, and Supergirl are led by Pariah through the portal between the two universes, that was opened by Alex Luthor, Jr. Soon they come upon the Anti-Monitor's floating stone fortress. Inside the Anti-Monitor is aware of the encroaching heroes and calls the Psycho-Pirate, commanding him to use his powers against them. The Psycho-Pirate unable to comply tells the Anti-Monitor that he needs more time to recover from his control over the three planets. The Anti-Monitor angrily swats him away. As the heroes engage in battle, the fortress itself comes to life, creating stone soldiers. As some heroes begin to realize that their powers don’t work in the anti-matter universe, Superman of Earth-One and the new Dr. Light manage to reach the heart of the fortress, where they see a massive machine. Dr. Light explains to Superman that it is a ‘solar-collector’ converting starlight into energy and that it also reduces the vibrational differences between earths. It is the very machine responsible for the merging of the universes. As Superman of Earth-One heads in to destroy it, but is suddenly attacked by the Anti-Monitor by a powerful blast. His scream of agony attracts the attention of his cousin Supergirl, who engages the Anti-Monitor in physical combat. Dr. Light is amazed and inspired by her selfless fury. Supergirl almost totally destroyed his body by her pulverizing blows. With his energy is now waning, she manages to destroy the universe-merging machine, but in the process is wounded. Dr Light comes to her aid, but the Anti-Monitor sees the weakened Supergirl and hits her with a titanic blast of energy. As the Anti-Monitor turns to escape and recuperate, Superman of Earth-One swoops in to hold his cousin Kara. She dies in his arms and Superman screams out, vowing that he would have his revenge. Superman of Earth-Two is also their grieving for Kara and comforting his younger counterpart. At that moment, the Anti-Monitor's fortress falls apart and our heroes head back to back to their own universe.[111]

The Crisis is Apparently Over

The Following Events Take Place Simultaneously or Within a Few Hours of Each Other...

For the most part, the five Earths are for now out of danger. The time distortions have ceased, and the Earths remain linked, if not fully merged. Soon afterward, the worlds receive the news of Super-girl's death and a memorial service is held in Earth-One Chicago. Thousands of people, including Brainiac 5 and many super-heroes attend. Batgirl makes the opening address, praising her friend, while both Lois Lane and Lana Lang oversee their respective broadcasts. Batgirl states that: "Kara is a hero. She will not be forgotten."[112]

Later, Superman of Earth-One leaves his Fortress of Solitude with the body of Kara, wrapped in her indestructible cape. He takes her to space and sets her free, promising to remember and miss her forever.[113]

The Flash and the Psycho Pirate are in the Anti-Montor’s space capsule heading for the planet Qward in the Antimatter Universe. They wonder if the Anti-Monitor perished during his battle with Supergirl. Psycho-Pirate laments to the Flash about his plight and tries to rally him against the Anti-Monitor, if he has survived. Suddenly, the Anti-Monitor appears before them wearing new battle armor. He tells the scared Psycho-Pirate that he will spare him -- for now.[114]

Meanwhile, on the other-dimensionsal world of Apokolips, DeSaad and Darkseid are observing to see how it unfolds. Darksied believes that if the heroes prevail against the Anti-Monitor, the status quo will be maintained and he’ll do nothing, but if the Anti-Monitor prevails, he will undoubtedly be weak from battle, allowing Darkseid to destroy him.[115]

In the 30th century, the Legion of Super-Heroes monitor the partially merged five Earths. Brainiac 5 throws himself into his research, refusing to come to terms with Supergirl's death. Saturn Girl observes that her friends mind is in turmoil. [116]

Back in the 20th century, Firestorm and Firehawk are contacted by Vixen. She tells them that she has famed robotics expert Professor T.O. Morrow, but is unable to reach the nearest JLA Satellite teleportation station in a timely manner and asks for a ride. Even though the JLA Satellite was nearly destroyed some months ago, it has much valued machinery that is needed now. So, together they bring Morrow to the remains of the Justice League satellite where they hope he can perform repairs upon the robot that he invented -- Red Tornado. They are greeted by the Martian Manhunter and Cyborg. Ray Palmer, the Earth-One Atom is also present (despite him being on hiatus from super-heroics).[117] He is inspecting the Tornado's body from the inside. As Morrow expresses concern that the Torando’s insides are complete different, John Stewart, valiant Green Lantern arrives with the Blue Devil to aid. Suddenly, something deep within the Tornado's bio-system activates and a huge explosion tears through the satellite. Morrow appears to be killed, and the Blue Devil finds himself transported to the Vegan system to deal with the Omega Men.[118] The rest of the heroes are able to escape with a wounded Manhunter.[119]

At the same time, John Stewart (aka Green Lantern) is cruising high above the mountains of Nepal looking for Katma Tui. He wants to share his victory in the year 1879 and the defeat of the Monitor with her. Kat has been helping with the natural disasters occurring because of the Crisis. John soon finds Kat and greets her with a kiss. She is happy and says she’s proud of him. She then turns to head back to her home planet to see how her people fared during the ‘Crisis’ and to also check on her assigned Sector 1417. John protests, but she tells him she is duty bound to the Guardians and her ordered stay on earth is seemingly over but is unable to confirm this with the Guardians. Kat then sends her energy-twin to Oa, only find that the Crisis is not over. She reunites with John back on Earth, tells him the news and is shocked. She encourages John to get some much needed rest, and sends her energy-twin to tour Sector 1417. John takes the physical form of Kat back to his apartment for protection.[120]

Back on Qward in the Anti-Matter Universe, the Anti-Monitor supervises the construction of an anti-matter cannon by Qward's slaves, the Thunderers. As they work, the Flash manages to break free. He grabs the Psycho-Pirate and races off with him across the barren landscape. Moving at super-speed, he exposes the Psycho-Pirate's face to many Thunderers forcing him to warp their emotions into feelings of hatred for the Anti-Monitor. One by one, the Thunderers turn against their master, but are easily defeated. This distraction allows the Flash to find the antimatter energy core that powers the cannon. Running faster than he has ever run in his life, he circles around the energy core thousands of times, turning the unstable antimatter back upon itself, destroying the cannon. He knows what this means for him, but he presses on. He begins phasing through different points in the time stream, seeing Wally, the Joker and Batman. Before long, he loses all physical cohesion and dies, leaving behind his empty costume and ring. His noble sacrifice has saved billions of lives across the Multiverse.[121]

Meanwhile, back in the Earth-One universe, on Earth’s Challenger Mountain, the Challengers of the Unknown at the behest of Superman, are monitoring some kind of flux out in space. Suddenly they hear a sonic-scream that permeates the entire universe -- the Spectre has awakened! He screams in anger as he senses the universal destruction around him.[122]

In the center of the Earth-One universe, lies the planet Oa. Here we find Guy Gardner, who was summoned by the Guardians. It had been decided that he be ‘officially’ recruited into the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ and given a ring again. Hal Jordan, desperate for reinstatement into the Corps, had hitched a ride through space with Guy, but was jettisoned onto the planet surface before arriving at the Oan Citadel. While in the Citadel, six Guardians (not all Guardians agree with course of action, believing it to be a futile attempt), tell Guy about the current ‘Crisis’ and its origins in Krona’s scientific work, the birth of the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor and the onset of the Anti-Matter Universe with its destruction of the positive-matter universes. The Guardians also reveal that they have been using their own power to charge a secondary power battery. This battery will not compare to Oa’s Central Power Battery, but will be strong enough to power rings for a ‘new’ Green Lantern Corps that will combat the Anti-Monitor. A select group that will bring order to the stars.[123] As the Guardians explain this to Guy, Hal Jordan, who was jettisoned onto the planet surface before Guy arrived at the Oan Citadel lands on the desert side of Oa.[124] He is able to find a research tunnel that will lead him to the Citadel. After his long trek through the tunnel he comes upon Oa’s Central Power Battery and finds it depleted of power. But that is not the worst of it. He finds several Guardian’s there as well in what appears to be held in suspended animation in a stasis beam. He counts fifteen and realizes that leaves twenty-one Guardians free. He is confronted by K’ryssma and Apros, two of the Corps Honor Guards. He expresses his desire for an audience with the Guardians. They refuse him passage. He protests claiming to honor Corps despite his failings. They are interrupted by the Guardians who accept his request. Hal tells them that he is eager to help avert the ‘Crisis’, but the Guardians tell him the time for them to protect the Multiverses has come to an end and that they all must die. Hal protests, and explains that there is at least one Guardian who is not accepting defeat – the one who summoned Guy Gardner. They concede, understanding that just as the Universe is a Multiverse, so the Guardians are of diverse minds. They then turn to Hal, recognizing the Universes impending doom and tell him that his decision to return the ring was final and that he will never be a Green Lantern again, but be consoled, ‘never’ will be a short time and send him back to earth.[125] Suddenly, a cosmic crimson flame from beyond the void washes over Oa. The Green Lantern Citadel is destroyed and all but one of the six Guardians are killed. Guy Gardner swears allegiance and is tasked by the sole surviving Guardian to complete a mission of vengeance.[126]

As Guy heads out on his mission,[127] both Luthor of Earth-One and Brainiac of Earth-One have gathered a cadre of Earth's most powerful super-villains, aboard Brainiac’s ship. This includes T.O. Morrow, who materializes aboard the ship quite alarmed. Brainiac tells them that he is unable to find their enemy, either in this universe or his. Luthor then explains to them that they should take advantage of the Crisis by holding three of the multiple Earths hostage. Lex Luthor of Earth-Two protests, believing that he should lead the horde rather than his Earth-One counterpart. Brainiac concedes that there is no need for two Lex Luthors and kills the Earth-Two Luthor.[128]

Down below, a Media-frenzy is taking place where the five remaining Earths intersect one another. Reporters have dubbed the place as the Warp Zone, because strange time-distortion are still taking place and creatures from various timelines run-a-muck. Many scientists (such as Rip Hunter, Dr. Klyburn, Dr. Will Magnus and Dr. Darwin Jones) are on the outskirts of the Zone being interviewed and watching it unfold.[129]

In New York, Captain Karras arrives in an invisible ship and heads to the Titan Headquarters to tell Princess Koriand’r (aka Starfire) that her father has summoned her and that her parents await. With the Crisis having been apparently abated, she agrees to return to her homeworld with Captain Karras. Nightwing and Jericho decide to accompany her. Wonder Girl wishes she could go to, but must find her husband in the Warp Zone and Cyborg says he must stay as well, because he has been asked by Superman and the JLA to stay and help if needed.[130] Firehawk, Cyborg, Cole, Beast Boy and Wonder Girl then head to the Warp Zone to deal with the breach.[131]

In orbit, on the opposite side of the earth from Brainiac and his horde of evil super-villains, we find Starfire, Nightwing and Jericho aboard Captain Karras’ ship. The Captain and his first officer, Taryia are discussing the reason the Princess has been summoned, but decide not to tell her just yet. Jericho overhears and is worried.[132]

Hal Jordan, who is back to earth, instead of lamenting his fate at the hands of the Guardians, holds his head high and proclaims that he is Hal Jordan, test-pilot and former Green Lantern. He decides to seek out John Stewart and heads to John’s apartment for a much need discussion. He arrives and shares three things: (1) Hal reveals that his is John’s predecessor; (2) he offers his experience to aid in the Crisis and (3) informs John that Guy Gardner has been chosen by some of the Guardians and sent on a secret mission. John is unaware of who Guy is, so Hal gives the jet-tour explanation as to Guy’s equality in being chosen Green Lantern and then explains how the Guardians are split on how to handle the Crisis. While they're talking, the Shark leaps through the window intent on killing Hal Jordan. John Stewart faces off against Shark, and subdues him. Guy Gardner appears, and reveals that his mission is to assemble and launch a ‘supervillain assault’ on the Anti-Monitor's birthplace on Qward. The two Lanterns quickly come into conflict, and prepare to fight it out.[133] As Guy and John argue about what to do with the recently captured Shark, and their loyalties to the opposing factions in the Guardians, the Shark escapes. Gardner knocks John unconscious and catches up with the Shark. He explains that he's being enlisted for an assault mission to destroy one of the moons of Qward, in an effort to save the multiverse . Gardner and the Shark go off to find more villains together. Waking up, Stewart goes to search for Hal Jordan who he had flung to safety in space shortly before his fight. Unable to find him, he goes looking for Gardner. Katma Tui, realizing the Crisis is not yet over flies back to Earth. Stewart, finally catches up with him at the same time as Katma Tui. The two prepare to fight, but are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Hal Jordan, now carrying his own Green Lantern Ring [NOTE: The dissenting Guardians, believing that Guy has suffered permanent brain-damage, re-commissioned Hal as a Green Lantern to help steer Guy toward the right path.] He explains how he has been deputized to help Guy Gardner with his mission. While some Guardians believe that death at the hands of the Anti-Monitor is inevitable, others believe the answer to be destroying the Anti-Monitor's birthplace, on one of the moons of Qward. When Jordan convinces Stewart and Katma Tui of his plight, he and Gardner are allowed passage to the antimatter universe of Qward. After they've left, Sinestro appears with a warning from the Guardians themselves. The moon of Qward must not be destroyed, and he will have to team up with Stewart and Katma to help save it, or else it could mean the end of the very universe![134] Stewart is able to use displaced energy produced from contact between Green and Yellow energies to propel himself to Oa to confront the Guardians much faster than he would normally would. Upon arrival, he finds assembled the remaining members of the Green Lantern Corps, including Tomar-Re, K'ryssma, Apros, Arisia Rrab, Ch'p and Xax. Although it is discovered that Sinestro had been lying to gain access to Oa, the danger he explained was very real. The Central Power Battery, speaking through Tomar-Re explains that the destruction of the Anti-Monitor's birthplace will remove his tethers to the mortal world, and in effect make him much more powerful than he had ever been before. The Guardians launch a counter-strike composed of all active members of the Corps to stop Guy Gardner's team in the Antimatter Universe. When Gardner's villains and the rest of the Corps meet, they clash and there's a gigantic battle in the Antimatter Universe![135]

At the United Nations Headquarters, representatives from the various parallel dimensions address the assembly on what the press is calling the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. Key note speakers include Pariah, Harbinger and young Alex Luthor. Luthor explains that the Antimatter Universe that attacked our earths has seemingly disappeared. As the people question him, wanting assurances that it’s not only over, but that the Warp Zone won’t spread; Pariah suddenly disappears, to the horror of those present. Alex Luthor and Lyla know this means the Crisis is not over. Then a large and looming holographic image of Brainiac then Luthor appears before them and extends an ultimatum. Brainiac states that he already controls three of the five Earths (Four, X and S), and Luthor demands the unconditional surrender of the remaining two, or else he and Brainiac will unleash a destructive force that will obliterate all five. As the holographic image fades, several figures dart from the U.N. Chamber with determined speed. One is Clark Kent, another is Jack Ryder (aka the Creeper).[136]

While Superman and Power Girl of Earth-Two and several others struggle to pierce the barrier separating the merging Earths, Lyla has an idea that may help. She gathers Jay Garrick and summons the retired Wally West (aka Kid Flash)[137] to help her. Wally is resistant, but Jay tells him that this is what Earth-One’s Flash would have wanted for him. He then hands Wally a ring the Titans say was his old ring. Together they rebuild Barry Allen's cosmic treadmill (which he used to travel through time by use of super-speed) and bring it to a section of NY, just north of Greenwhich Village. They are joined by an assembly of heroes standing on connecting platforms, ready to do battle. The new Robin (Jason Todd) tells Batman that says he’s kind of nervous about traveling another earth. Batman tells him to do his best.[138]

Meanwhile, Luthor’s cadre of villains, aware of the breach, takes advantage of the situation. They spread themselves across the realities, sowing chaos and discord at every turn. On Earth-Four, Chemo poisons the waters surrounding Hudson Bay, incapacitating Aquagirl. Aqualad comes to her rescue, but appears to be too late. On Earth-S, Killer Frost and Captain Cold successfully freeze the planet surface, including Aquaman and his beloved Mera. Doctor Phosphorus brutally injures Hawkman. The Joker, Poison Ivy and several others capture the Freedom Fighters. Eclipso incapacitates Wonder Woman from Earth-One, and the Justice League fight the Brotherhood of Evil.[139]

Back on Brainiac's ship, Psimon suddenly appears from the shadows. He is the only super-villain that did not join with the others planet-side. Using his powerful mental energy, Psimon blasts Brainiac, shattering him into a thousand pieces. He then brings himself to bear upon Lex Luthor.[140]

What Psimon doesn't realize however is that Brainiac's consciousness has been downloaded into the circuitry of his ship. He forges a new body for himself and blasts the top off of Psimon's crown with a beam of energy, killing him.[141]

At that moment, Aqualad races back to Atlantis, carrying Aquagirl’s body. He hands her over to the city’s medical specialists, but there is nothing they can do. Aquagirl has died.[142]

Back on Earth-Four, Chemo stands next to the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. All about him, the waters surrounding Manhattan Island are bubbling with deadly poisonous fumes. Negative Woman (Russian defector and member of the ‘new’ Doom Patrol) flies about him, ensnaring the gigantic villain with bands of shadow energy. The bands constrict until they eventually succeed in destroying Chemo's artificial shell. In Earth-Four’s equivalent to New York City, Black Adam fights against Robotman and Dove. Kole of the New Teen Titans flies up behind him and turns his body into solid crystal. Robotman is prepared to shatter him, but Dove holds him back. Meanwhile, Cyborg and Celsius tackle Quakemaster.[143]

In the frozen wastelands of Earth-S, Doctor Sivana, Doctor Cyber, Per Degaton, Houngan, Phobia, Despero, Deathbolt, Hector Hammond and Professor T.O. Morrow keep watch over the captured members of the Marvel Family. While Sivana is in the midst of gloating, the Martian Manhunter burrows through the ice and attacks them. He blasts at Deathbolt with his Martian vision. The Atom and Platinum of the Metal Men arrive to give him back-up. Phobia tries to use her powers on Platinum, but they fail, enabling the Atom enough time to loosen the gag around Billy Batson’s mouth. Billy shouts the magic word, "Shazam" and transforms into Captain Marvel.[144]

On Earth-X, Batman and Robin, the Atom from Earth-Two fight up against Calendar Man while the Outsiders and Infinity, Inc. take on the Dummy. Hawkwoman and Tin fight Lightning Lord, while Firestorm and Vixen fight against Captain Cold and Icicle. Green Arrow of Earth-Two assists Changeling and Mento in combating the Shaggy Man.[145]

Suddenly the Spectre, in a grand display of his power; makes his presence known across the five partially merged Earths. He speaks to all of the heroes and villains at once, warning them that the Anti-Monitor is still alive and that he has retreated into the past, to the dawn of time itself. And while everyone is engaged in meaningless battle, the Monitor is trying to consume all realities, leaving only the Anti-Matter Universe. He further explains that one group of ‘super-powered beings’ must travel to the beginning of time and the other half must go to Oa’s past, to the time of the mad-scientist Krona. He states that they must decide now, there will be no second chances.[146]

Several heroes migrate to Earth-One to coordinate their efforts. They gather in the wastelands of Death Valley. As they gather and form teams, Superman of Earth-Two shares a sweet moment with his wife, Lois Kent. The various teams soon develop a strategy using various time-traveling capabilities - Rip Hunter’s Time-Sphere, the Legion of Super-Heroes’ Time-Bubbles and Lord of Time’s Temporal Transporter. The Spectre explains to both Supermen that time can be changed, but only from the dawn of time. Flash (Jay Garrick) and Kid Flash are outfitted with converter technology to help bridge the gap. Kid Flash and Wonder Girl discuss the mysterious disappearance of the Flash. As they prepare, Superboy of Earth-Prime joins them. The two older Superman greet him and ask him about his disappearance.[147] He tells them he’s unsure of what exactly happened, but he is here now and wants to join them on their mission to the past. A handful of others, including the Blue Devil discuss ‘Earth-Prime Universe’ and not being aware of its existence. He explains to them that it has been destroyed and that he is its only survivor. After a speech on ‘freedom’ from Uncle Sam, Magno Lad, Cosmic Boy and Gold, finish working on a large magnetic conductor, that will be able to shunt our heroes backwards through time with help of electricity-based heroes.[148]

As our heroes prepare to head to the dawn of time, the ‘Lord of Time’ takes Lex Luthor and his allies backwards in time ten billion years to the planet Oa, before Krona’s experiment creates the multiverse and the anti-matter universe. One group is stopped by a group of Oan’s, unsure of the nature of the attack, another bursts into Krona’s laboratory, but he is ready for them. He kills Icicle, Mirror Master and Maaldor.[149]

Meanwhile, Superman of Earth-One personally flies Earth-Three’s Alex Luthor, Jr. ahead of the time traveling group heading to the dawn of time, in order for Luthor to open the portal between the multiverse and the anti-matter universe. At the same time, Brainiac decides that success is futile, so he shuts down all his bio-functions and prepares to preserve his cognitive functions aboard his Skull ship which, for now, drifts in space.[150]

At the dawn of time, the heroes find the captured Pariah and face the awaiting Anti-Monitor. Fifty-strong channel all of their energy into him (their combined energies could decimate a solar system), but with the absorbed energy of all the universes he has consumed and the energy from his own anti-matter universe, he appears un-phased. In fact, he appears to be absorbing their energy as well. The non-powered heroes present watch in disbelief, only able to offer their hope. This absorbed energy is the key to his success. When Krona opens the doorway between the positive matter universe and the Antimatter Universe, the Anti-Monitor can use it to obliterate the Positive matter universe entirely. It will be his hand that Krona sees. In this moment, when all appears to be lost, the Spectre appears before the Anti-Monitor, channeling all the mystical energy of Earth’s most powerful sorcerers. As he attacks the Anti-Monitor directly, Krona appears in the skies above. He is in his lab peering backwards to observe the dawn time. Just then, the Spectre’s attack unleashes an explosion of energy, which appears to consume all reality.[151]

New Earth is Formed

New Earth is Formed

The Big Bang happens again!

Clark of Earth-Two awakens in what appeared to be his apartment. He notices the changed décor, but thinks maybe Lois changed it and didn’t tell him. He gets up and heads to work thinking it was the Daily Star. He soon discovers that it’s the Daily Planet and that Perry White is the editor. He then assumes he must be on Earth-One. Clark of Earth-One shows up, having awakened in his office. They decide to fly off to the ‘Warp Zone’ where the merged earth’s intersect. Upon arrival, they discover that the area is no longer roped off, and apparently it never was. They fly off to Central City in the hopes of finding Barry Allen's lab when they notice that Central City is now adjacent to Earth-Two’s Keystone City. They find Jay Garrick's residence in Keystone City. Surprisingly, Jay Garrick's wife doesn't recognize Superman of Earth-Two, though Jay still does. Jay goes on to explain that he’s already discovered that people remember Barry Allen’s Flash and his trial,[152] but they also remember his version of the Flash – the original Flash, from decades past. The two Superman’s tell Jay of their plan and he takes them to his lab where Wally West is already setting up the Cosmic Treadmill. Wally chimes in and says, that when this done, they should all look for Barry. They agree. Soon, Jay, Wally and both Supermen race on the treadmill, only to find themselves transported out into a void where the Earth-Two universe should have been. As they phase out of earth’s reality they enter a void where Earth-Two should be. A vast nothingness. Wally says that they must get back and gather everyone together. Superman of Earth-Two however, begins to lament saying that he doesn’t have a past, he doesn’t belong, that his wife, Lois Lane-Kent is gone, Krypton is gone and then suddenly begins to fly into into the void, as if it was his destiny. Superman of Earth-One stops him and they abruptly return back to what now is clearly a New Earth. This time the Cosmic Treadmill destroyed beyond repair. Wally that he has the perfect place to gather all the heroes together.[153]

Meanwhile, Rip Hunter's time vehicle emerges out of the timestream with the Forgotten Heroes (Captain Comet, Dolphin and Animal Man, etc.), the Atomic Knight and Adam Strange. They also believe that time has reset itself. They board Brainiac's skull ship, still floating in space, and see Brainiac still sitting at the controls but appears to be non-functional.[154]

Later, at the Titans Tower situated on a private Island on New York’s East River, there is a gathering of present-day superheroes from the various universes such as Captain Marvel (of Earth-S) and Uncle Sam (of Earth-X). They and the others are talking amongst themselves about how they are unable to return to their own universe and are somehow stuck on Earth-One. As they seek answers, Lyla appears as Harbinger again (her powers restored on this New Earth) and reveals that with time resetting itself, the five surviving positive-matter universes have all merged into one, with histories from those universes merging into a single history and only those present at the battle at the Dawn of Time remember the multiverse. In short, what arose from the ashes is this singular universe - a New Earth. However, she also tells them, that in this universe, that even though there are duplicates of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman from varies earths now existing on this one earth that emerged, there is only history for one Superman, one Batman, one Robin and one Wonder Woman. Superman of Earth-Two begins to crack under the strain and flies away. Harbinger says that there are things he doesn’t know yet and needs to be told. Superman from Earth-One goes after him. Robin and the Huntress from Earth-Two, realize that they were never born.[155]

Elsewhere in a spirit dimension, the Phantom Stranger and Deadman look on helplessly at the Spectre floating in midair, just out of their reach. The Phantom Stranger realizes that earth is not out of danger and that the power to save it lies with the unreachable Spectre.[156]

In Las Vegas, Nevada a detective convention is interrupted when the villain, Angle Man's body is found by Johnny Double, along with his Angler weapon.[157]

In Salem Massachusetts, Dr. Fate and Etrigan see that Amethyst (princess of the glittering jeweled realm) is being attacked by people who consider her a witch and the cause of the strange madness. Just then, Dr. Occult appears to calm the people. As he does, the Shadow Demons appear and a battle commences. Amethyst is blinded in the ensuing fight. Dr. Fate sees something in here that gives him pause. He then transports her back to Gemworld to meet her fate,[158] while Etrigan and Dr. Occult remain to fight the Shadow Demons.[159]

Meanwhile, after the meeting at the Titan Tower, Princess Diana and Donna Troy are summoned to Paradise Island, to the Temple of Athena for an audience with the queen. They arrive to find Wonder Woman of Earth-Two and her daughter Fury. Diana and Donna take Earth-Two’s Diana and Lyta aside to explain that only those who were at the Dawn of Time remember the multiverse.[160]

Back at the Titan Tower, Power Girl is sad, questioning while she is recognized as a hero, but her cousin (Superman of Earth-Two) is not. As the Harbinger explains that there are many unanswered questions, Batman shows up He explains that he, Robin (Jason Todd) and Alex Luthor, Jr. went to check out a hunch. They went to see Lex Luthor in his prison cell and realize that none of the supervillains that went back in time to Oa in an attempt to prevent Krona's experiment from taking place, don't remember ever taking that trip. This means that only those who were there at the Dawn of Time remember the mulitverse.[161]

Suddenly, the skies are thunderous and glow red. It spreads over the entire world. 3,000 miles below the earth’s surface in Peru, renowned spelunker Cave Carson and his team of explorers see a powerful maelstrom forming within the earth. Their charts are off the scale and they contact the Titan Tower for help (because the JL Satllite has been destroyed). In the Tower, Pariah suffers pain but doesn’t disappear and Alex Luthor, Jr. glows with the anti-matter effect. On a rooftop in New York, the two Supermen, seeing the sky, realize that the Earth is being drawn into the anti-matter universe. They are soon confronted by a huge image of the Anti-Monitor, welcoming them to his home, and to their deaths.[162]

Back in Brainiac’s ship, Rip Hunter, along with Dolphin, Captain Comet, Animal Man, the Atomic Knight, and Adam Strange are onboard Brainiac’s ship. As they check the ships sensors, they make a horrific discovery – earth is gone! As they gaze in disbelief, Brainiac awakens. They tell him that they need his help now, just he helped them before. As Brainiac scans his memory banks, he finds that he had no memory of the Crisis, the disappearance of earth or helping the humans. He decides to help nonetheless, but determines that his power is inadequate to battle the Anti-Monitor, so he sets a course for inter-dimensional space to find a particular being who can help.[163]

As the earth enters the anti-matter universe, the Anti-Monitor's visage is seen in the skies all over the globe. He explains that thousands of universes have perished without resistance, but you have refused. He then applauds their willingness to live, then tells them that it ultimately doesn’t matter nor do the deaths of both Supergirl and the Flash – because they will all die! Before he disappears and the skies turn black, he tells them that his Shadow Demons are ravaging the earth as he speaks.[164]

The Harbinger appears to both Supermen who stand on the rooftop dismayed and their plight and teleports them away. At that very moment, another image of Harbinger gathers Dr. Light from Japan leaving Sunburst to defend their homeland. As Dr. Light travels with the Harbinger, she can’t help but feel that the Harbinger has summoned her because it is she who is responsible for Supergirl’s death. Note: Once the Harbinger needed a machine to use her power, now that power is part of her.[165]

On the surface below, heroes from all over the globe battle the Shadow Demons. In Japan, Sunburst and Global Guardians member, the Rising Sun struggle in the skies over Tokyo. In the Soviet Union, Red Star engages the Shadow Demons. Two Global Guardians, the Jack O’ Lantern and Godiva unite to save Dublin from destruction. In Vietnam, brothers Thunder and Lightning along with the Global Guardians member from Taiwan, the Thunderlord do their best to keep the demons at bay. Geo-Force is in his Markovian homeland, and in South America, the Marvel Lieutenants and Global Guardians member, the Green Fury battle the seemingly demonic horde.[166]

The Phantom Stranger and Deadmon summon the leader of the Global Guardians. Dr. Mist. They need him to help revive the comatose Spectre. Deadman keeps the demons away so the sorcerers and our heroes in the valley below, can pierce the barrier. Harbinger has also gathered, Alex Luthor and Pariah. Luthor begins to summon the antimatter within and they begin to pierce the barrier.[167]

Brainiac's ship goes into stationary orbit, and he and his guests teleport to the planet, where Darkseid appears and introduces himself to Brainiac’s reluctant passengers.[168]

Elsewhere, on this new earth, many heroes still battle the Shadow Demons. As Lana Lang and Lois Lane cover the cover the ensuing battle, Dove is slain in front of the world by a shadow-being as his brother watches in horror. At that very moment, in Dr. Fate's Salem tower, the magically powered heroes (Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt, Etrigan, Zatara, Zatanna and Felix Faust to name a few) have gathered to pool their sorcerers might. The Earth-Two Green Lantern and Dr. Occult form the nexus of their energy.[169]

On Qward, Harbinger’s gathered heroes prepare to confront the Anti-Monitor. The Supermen of Earth One and Two, Power Girl, Martian Manhunter, Kid Flash, Dr. Light, Captain Atom, Lady Quark, Firestorm, Firehawk, Captain Marvel, both Wonder Women, and other heroes are on hand for what seems like a final battle. Meanwhile, the Kid Flash sees an image of the Flash—the last one Barry cast before his death. Wally follows the afterimage to where an insane Psycho-Pirate clutches at an empty uniform. Kid Flash knocks him out and Lady Quark finds his ring. Pariah senses evil and the Anti-Monitor appears.[170]

In Atlantis, Aquaman, Garth, Mera Lori and several others are on hand defending Poseidonis and fend off the evil that destroyed Tritonis. Lori appears to have been killed.[171]

In Chicago, Green Arrow of Earth-Two is also killed by a Shadow Demons. Over the Earth, lives have been lost, including those of Kole, the Huntress and Robin of Earth-Two, but other lives have been saved. In Salem, the tide finally turns. The supernatural crusaders send their combined force in a net of energy to gather the demons from the Earth's surface, and bind them helpless in space.[172]

Our heroes strike at the Anti-Monitor. Harbinger explains to Dr. Light the reason the Monitor created her and it was for this time. Dr. Light absorbs the energy of one of the binary suns that the Anti-Monitor is drawing power from. Alex Luthor begins to drain the antimatter energy away from the Anti-Monitor. The Negative Woman, uses her radioactive power to bind the Anti-Monitor and inhibit him, while the other heroes engage in a frontal assault. He falls to a nearby planetoid seemingly killed and our heroes cheer. Just then Wonder Woman of Earth-One is struck with a flash of power from the Anti-Monitor and appears to disintegrate. Superman of Earth-One and Lady Quark vow deadly revenge, but Superman of Earth-Two knocks them out, and tells Superboy to take them back. [NOTE: This is the last we see of Superman!] The elder Superman, believing he has the least to lose (no world and no wife to return to), confronts the evil Monitor head-on. Then he confronts the monstrous Anti-Monitor, and batters him. Superboy sends Superman and Lady Quark back through Alex's shrinking body, but decides to stay and comes to the elder Superman’s aid. Alex warns them that the he has very little power left to keep the portal open. The elder Superman continues his one-man war against the Anti-Monitor. He decides that now is the time to take a life and he destroys Qwards moon and uses the asteroids to assault the anti-monitor. Superboy gets in on the action, but is blasted by the Anti-matter and almost rendered unconscious. At the same time we learn that Darkseid has technology to look through Alex Luthor’s eyes and has been able to watch the whole battle. Just then Superman delivers what should be a devastating blow and the Anti-Monitor falls back into an asteroid unconscious. As Superman assists the wounded Superboy, the Anti-Monitor awakens. His attack pushes the heroes back. Darkseid, realizing that the fate of the universe is at stake, including his home world, decides to attack. He sends a power burst (i.e. Omega Effect) at him through Alex's eyes. The enemy is devastated and hurled into the core of one of the binary suns. Superman, Superboy, and Alex are stunned to see a fiery ball of their enemy rising from the sun. Superman smashes into his foe's fiery body obliterating him. The Anti-Monitor’s remains fall back into the sun and the star begins to implode. The trio gazes in disbelief, realizing that it is over but that the devastated Sun will destroy everything for millions of miles.[173]

Meanwhile, also in the Anti-matter universe, the battle between Guy Gardner's team and John Stewarts team rages on. As they engage in a battle of wills, Stewart, the more experienced Lantern, wins with sheer power. Elsewhere, as the Anti-Monitor dies, somehow all fighting are able to sense it, and the combat is ceased, while the fighters collect their dead and injured, simply glad that the Crisis is over. Tomar-Re dies, and his Ring is passed on to John Stewart, who is able to give the ring he's been using (originally the ring of Abin Sur) back to Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan becomes an official Green Lantern once more.[174]

As our three heroes (Superman, Superboy, and Alex) discuss what to do next, in the short time they have, Alex tells them that he does not have the energy to reopen the portal between universes. Superman wishes that his Lois was there to share in the victory. Alex tells him that she did survive and that he has safely tucked her away in a ‘pocket-universe.’ He reveals her to Superman and the two embrace. She tells her husband that she had been to a tranquil world. Alex decides to head back into the pocket universe. Superman, Lois and Superboy all realize that they do not have a place in the new Post-Crisis universe and decide to accompany Alex into the paradise-like dimension. The foursome vanish seconds before the exploding sun would have reached them.[175]

As our story draws to a close, we learn that: (1) Earth-One’s Wonder Woman has returned to the clay which Aphrodite and Athena had given life. The clay was then spread over Paradise Island. As time continued to reverse itself, the Amazons were returned to the Grecian Island they had fled. (2) Zeus, from his home on Mount Olympus sees that a grave injustice has been dealt. He decides to rectify this by sending Apollo’s Chariot to bring the homeless Wonder Woman of Earth-2 and her husband Steve Trevor to Olympus, where they could live peacefully. (3) While the bodies of Robin of Earth-Two, the Huntress, and Kole were never found; Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Mary Marvel and others were on hand to conduct a memorial service. (4) In Atlantis, Aquaman, Mera and Aqualad mourned the loss of Lori Lemaris and Tula. (5) Across the breadth of time, the world remembered those now gone. (6) Amidst the sadness, there is good news. In Keystone City, Jay is able to tell Wally that the blast from the Anti-Monitor has changed his body chemistry and that he can use his super-speed without fear because the diseases is in remission. Wally then dons Barry’s costume and calls himself the ‘new’ Flash.[176]

Thus, Lyla concludes her tale stating that she still has more to learn, more to write and share once she finishes researching the Monitor’s tapes. Lady Quark and Pariah ask her to help them explore their new homeworld – this new earth. They leave with her, remembering the past but excited for the future.[177]

In the epilogue, at Arkham Asylum, the staff discuss a new patient who seems beyond help, straitjacketed in a rubber-lined room. Roger Hayden, formerly Psycho-Pirate, gibbers about Earths beyond numbers, the Anti-Monitor, and the memories, which only he had been allowed to keep.[178]

Alternate Universes That Appear in the Crisis

Main character(s)

Crisis on Infinite Earths Limited Series

Crisis on Infinite Earths was a twelve-issue limited series published from April of 1985 until March of 1986. Written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by George Pérez, it represents one of the most significant landmark events of the DC Universe. Commonly referred to simply as the Crisis, this series effectively negated the continuity supplied during the publishing eras known as the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics. The title featured virtually every known character in the DC Universe and culminated in the deaths of several key characters including the Silver Age Supergirl and the Flash. In 2006, a sequel series entitled Infinite Crisis illustrated the ramifications wrought by the events chronicled in the original Crisis series.

Tie-ins Comics for Crisis on Infinite Earths

The following comic book issues were labeled as part of the 'crossover.' Their covers contained a banner that read "Special Crisis Cross-Over", along with the logo for DC's fiftieth anniversary.

Collected editions

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths, #1–12 (April 1985 – March 1986) was published in hardcover (December 1998; ISBN 1-56389-434-3) and trade paperback (January 2001; ISBN 1-56389-750-4) editions, with cover art by George Pérez and Alex Ross.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Absolute Edition (November 2005; ISBN 1-4012-0712-X) is a slipcased, hardcover edition. The first volume reprints the limited series, and the second volume includes scripts, commentaries, retrospectives, Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index, and Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Cross-Over Index.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths Deluxe Edition (October 2015, ISBN 1401258417). Includes the series and the two-issue series History of the DC Universe, alongside other bonus material.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 (November 2018, ISBN 1401274595). Compiles the tie-in stories released alongside the series.


  • Crisis on Infinite Earths # 3 was reprinted in Superamigos # 24. That story, plus several other stories have been referenced in Super Friends comics. Because of this, the Crisis is canon from the perspective of the Superfriends Universe. This does not mean that Earth-1A and Earth-One are one and the same reality, but it does mean they share a common history, and were even involved with an identical Crisis.
  • The Crisis on Infinite Earths first appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths, #1 (April 1985).[180]
  • Krona's tale was originally told in Green Lantern, #40 (October, 1965). It was retold in Crisis on Infinite Earths, #7 (October, 1985).
  • Starting with issue Green Lantern, #195 (December 1985) we are given much need back story on Hal Jordan, the Guardians and the Green Lanterns during the 'Crisis'.
  • We also see in issue #195, John Stewart fighting alongside Cyborg, Firebrand, Psimon, Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, Scalphunter, Nighthawk and Johnny Thunder in the 19th century. This battle parallels Crisis on Infinite Earths, #3 (June, 1985) where the same battle is revealed.
  • Background on why John Stewart is the official Green Lantern in Crisis #3 and why Guy Gardner was appointed to Green Lantern status in Crisis #9:
    • According to Green Lantern, #87 (December, 1971) Guy Gardner was the original backup for Hal Jordan. He was however injured after being hit by a bus. At that time, the Guardians knew that Hal would eventually be replaced and appointed a second backup, John Stewart.
    • Fast forward a few years later, and Gardner was put into a coma by an exploding Power Battery in Green Lantern, #116 (May, 1979).
    • A few years later, Hal Jordan retired from the Green Lantern Corps in Green Lantern, #181 (October, 1984).
    • Because Gardner was still in a coma, John Stewart then assumed the role as official Green Lantern of Sector 2814 since Green Lantern, #182 (November, 1984).
    • During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Guy Gardner was awakened from his coma and became an official new 'Green Lantern' as revealed in Crisis on Infinite Earths, #9 (December, 1985). He was appointed for a special task by a only few the Guardians that remained optimistic.
    • Shortly following Gardner's appointment, the Central Power Battery of Oa was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor in Green Lantern, #194 (November, 1985). Its destruction was referenced again in Crisis on Infinite Earths, #2 (May, 1985).

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