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When Penguin acquired Superman's powers, the media referred to him as the leader in a "One man crime wave."[1]

Lex Luthor and Blinky commit the Crime of robbing a bank.[2]

Crime was a term used to describe illegal actions taken by certain individuals or groups of people, that were in violation of the law. People who committed crimes were referred to as criminals.

During Bruce Wayne's studies of criminal psychology, he learned that criminals were in general a superstitious "cowardly lot."[3] Small-time criminals were often referred to as thugs, hoodlums, and many other names. Some of the most dangerous criminals were known as supervillains. Men who fought crime were called Crimefighters. This referred to Superheroes and Law Enforcement officers.

Batman may have been considered a criminal, as he was viewed by some as a vigilante. This view was not nearly as popular as it was before, since Batman and Robin both were considered agents of the law in the Justice League, and therefore most people did not view him as a vigilante, but rather a costumed crimefighter.

List of crimes

Punishment for crimes

Names often given to people who commit or are believed to commit crimes

  • Assassin: A gun for hire. Someone who kills for money.
  • Defendant: A term used for people accused of a crime in the context of a trial in a courtroom.
  • Supervillain: A term used to describe "high-class" criminals. Most of them have super powers, although not always.
  • Thug: A term used to describe common criminals, who are usually henchmen.
  • Crook: A term used for low-level, small time criminals.
  • Outlaw

Organized crime and other criminal organizations


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  4. Space travel was considered illegal on Krypton, because it was against their law.
  5. Trespassing is technically not considered a crime, but it is a very minor offense.

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