Two cars that crashed.[1]

Cars involved in a traffic collision.[2]

A crash is when one or more objects, such as a vehicle ends up in a collision. Often times in a traffic collision, there are usually two or more automobiles involved in a crash. Often times this can lead to the death of certain ones involved in the crash, especially if one isn't wearing their seat belt,[3] are speeding, are racing or otherwise driving in a manner that is considered dangerous for road conditions, such as in heavy traffic.

The Kryptonian Space Ark that was carrying a baby named Kal-El to Earth crashed in a Kansas field, where it was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The baby however, survived the crash, and the spaceship was still intact as well.[4]

The sky stone, which is a small chunk of Kryptonite, crashes into a pea patch on the the Martingale residence.[5]

Abin Sur's spacecraft crashed near Coast City, and before he died, his ring selected Hal Jordan as the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814.[6]

A woman nearly crashes her car into Batman and Robin because she was carelessly speeding.[7]

A meteor nearly crashes into the Batcopter while in flight over Mystery Mountain.[8]

The 20th Manned Launch to the Moon was sabotaged by Doctor Rebos when he caused the android astronauts to pilot the Hermes 20 to a crash.[9]

When Marvin White is attempting to explain how a certain truck drove into the side of a hill, Batman thought he meant that the vehicle crashed. But what he meant was that the hill opened up and lead him into a tunnel.[10]

After a tank crashed, Batman and Robin check out the scene, seeing that their is no one in the tank, that it is completely automated.[11]

At some point, a White dwarf fragment crashes in the Earth. Batman, Robin, Marvin White, Wendy Harris and Wonder Dog check out the crash site in the Batcopter, but find no sign of the White Dwarf.[12]

The U.S.S. Narwhal nearly crashed into the Gravesend shoals, but thankfully, the freight carrier is rescued by the Super Friends.[13]

When the Raven tosses the sky stone off of his island in the sky, it crashes into the residence of the Martingale family once again, just as it did in the 1940s.[14]


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