The countryside.[1]

A countryside or the country was any rural area that was located outside of a settlement. Countrysides had a very low population, and were often times located in a woodland area.

In the peaceful countryside near Metropolis, clouds of smoke came out of a coal mine. Emerging from the smoke was a walking flame, a Fire Phantom from the center of the Earth. It catches fire everything it touches.[2]

A volcano in the countryside in Mexico endangered a small town.[3]

Marvin White and Wendy Harris often went bike riding in the countryside.[4]

Superman took the Krim family on an air tour, showing them the farms, cities, forests and countryside.[5]

Once Marvin and Wendy went bike riding in the countryside in Cave County and followed what they thought were giant chicken tracks (which turned out to be the tracks of a mobile tree) and that's how they are led to Bottomless Cave.[6]


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