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Country music (also called country/western and country and western) was a genre of music that originated in the American south, in the Appalachian Mountains, having its' roots in American folk music. There was a wide variety of types of country music. Country music singers sang about trains, trucks, cowboys, prisons, beer and the hard working blue collar "middle class."

Country music also touched on topics related to the rural lifestyle of "hillbillies," and living in small towns. Most country singers at one time or another mentioned Texas at some point. At its' core however, country music was about the truth, the real world from the perspective of middle class Americans, no matter how sad it was.

There was a country music program on G.E.E.C. TV, and Marvin White watched it at least once. When the G.E.E.C. computer malfunctioned however, the program's audio traded with another channel that was showing an opera video. Because of this, it appeared as though a cowboy was singing opera on one channel, and an opera singer was singing country music on the other.[2]

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