Earth had much more than just one country.[1]

A country, nation, nation-state, city-state or simply state; was any location that was under the legal jurisdiction of a political power, better known as a government.

There were many different types of countries, such as kingdoms, empires and federations. In fact, some empires and kingdoms could be made up of several smaller countries. The United Kingdom was an example of this.

The United States of America was also an example of a federation that was made up of fifty smaller "states."

Some political divisions or regions of a country was called a province.

Countries could refer to geographical locations as well as interplanetary and interstellar or even intergalactic locations. An example of a country that was interstellar and possibly even intergalactic was the United Planets, which was a republic that included Earth as well as many other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and possibly beyond.

Known countries


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