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Connie Louise Williams
Name: Connie Cawlfield

AKA: Connie Caulfield
Born: 1945
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Spouse: Bill Cawlfield
Official Website:

Connie has twenty five years acting experience with some of our most prestigious celebrities in theatre, commercials and film and animated television.

She is a teacher of voice-over and on-camera commercials, co-creator of a "podium" theatre in Los Angeles and a former theatrical and literary agent.

Connie is also one of the founding members of the Colorado Stage Company.

Voice on Super Friends

Connie auditioned along with over 300 other actresses. They sent her audition to the networks and ended up casting her because they "liked the little crinkle in her voice."

Notable Work

  • "Knots Landing" .... Jacqueline / ... (2 episodes, 1985-1986)
  • Reunion (1986) TV episode .... Receptionist
  • Pictures at a Wedding (1985) TV episode .... Jacqueline
  • "Hill Street Blues" .... Daphne (1 episode, 1981)
  • Up in Arms (1981) TV episode (as Constance Caulfield) .... Daphne
  • The Rose (1979) .... Reporter
  • The Hazing (1977)

Where Are They Now

Connie has been directing the stage performances as done by the Colorado Stage Company.

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