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The title or other information in this article is taken from the Super Powers franchise that spun off from the Super Friends franchise, beginning with the Super Powers Collection, and continuing in a variety of books, comics, toys and games, particularly the DC Heroes RPG.

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Composite Superman
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Real name: Joseph Meach
AKA: Joe Meach
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-One
Hair: black/brown
Eyes: brown
Occupation: High diver (formerly); custodian (formerly)
Base: Metropolis

Composite Superman was a supervillain that was an enemy of both Superman and Batman.

His real name was actually Joe Meach, a former high diver and later custodian.

Although his costume was like a combination of the Super-Suit and the Batsuit, his superhuman abilities were actually all of the abilities of the Legion of Super-Heroes.



History of the character is unknown.

Earth 5C10L1

History of the character is unknown.

Alternate Earth

History not yet written.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

  • Power Replication: In terms of abilities and raw power, the Composite Superman was one of the most powerful enemies Superman and Batman ever faced. The Composite Superman possessed numerous special powers, derived from various Legion members:
    • X-ray vision: A power that he got from Ultra Boy, which even allowed him to see through lead, unlike most other characters with this ability.



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  1. For more information about that DC comic book, click here.

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