Aquaman and the Blackhawks taking on an invaders from outer space during the era of the Cold War.[1]

The Cold War was a period of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union with their allies and the United States of America with their allies.

Although both countries did not engage in open conflict with each other, they did participate in wars that involved other countries; supporting opposing sides.

For example, the Vietnam War had the U.S. taking sides with South Vietnam, while the USSR took sides with North Vietnam.

It was during this period that a space race between both powers was underway. Many spaceflights occurred during this time. And ultimately it was America that beat the Soviets to the moon in 1969. This was all part of a plan that President Jack Kennedy was part of, and he was assassinated in 1963, and he never got to see the moon landing.

As if this global tension wasn't enough, Earth was also plagued by constant alien invasions during this period; some of which were repelled by Superboy and his superdog Krypto during the 1950s.[2] He would also go on to stop many other alien invaders during the seventies as Superman and as a member of the Justice League.[3] The war ended in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. The conflict lasted from 1947-1991, a total of forty-four years.

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