Aquaman standing close to common supplies used for cleaning.[1]

Cleaning was a work that people often engaged in in order to remove dirt or other unwanted substances from the surface of furniture or other locations, depending on the location. A bucket and sponge was often used for heavy duty cleaning. Brooms and vacuum cleaners were also used for sweeping the floor, an important part of keeping the floor clean.

The atmosphere of the planet known as Solar Terrarium was a mess due to pollution, so Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Marvin White, Wendy Harris and Wonder Dog go to that planet and start cleaning up all the pollution, and make the atmosphere as good as new.[2]

Marvin White, Wendy Harris and Wonder Dog were cleaning up the backyard in preparation for a visit from the Super Friends. Gloma and Plinky also helped them clean.[3]

When the Krim family discover a suction tube underwater, Krim believes it is there so as to clean the ocean floor. They then guide it to the various trash under there, and it begins sucking cleaning up the ocean floor.[4]

After a solvent is made for FRERP, Superman took the FRERP solvent to the various locations where FRERP objects were. He sprayed them, and backhoes, loaders and dump trucks proceeded cleaning up the powder.[5]


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