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The title or other information in this article is taken from the Super Powers franchise that spun off from the Super Friends franchise, beginning with the Super Powers Collection, and continuing in a variety of books, comics, toys and games, particularly the DC Heroes RPG.

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Continuity-Related Comic Book Character
Chrissie Fenton
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Real name: Christine Fenton
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Publicist
Base: Boston
Affiliations: Mayer Publicists, Inc.

Chrissie Fenton was a female Human living in Boston during the 20th century.

She was the former roommate and later secretary of Myndi Mayer. After Myndi's death, Chrissie inherited the controlling shares to Mayer Publicists, Inc.

However, she did not have the same business acumen as Myndi, and the company eventually went bankrupt.



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New Earth

Around 1988, Chrissie Fenton objected to Myndi Mayer's idea of publicly stating that Wonder Woman was having a secret love affair with Superman, as it hadn't been verified and it was in fact, false. [1]

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  2. This comic was reprinted in the Portuguese language in Super Powers # 16 (1988).
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