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A chicken was a type of bird commonly seen on farms.

They were used for food, particularly their own meat, and eggs.

It was common to refer to someone who wasn't brave as a chicken, which was similar to calling someone a coward.



A group of chickens lost their feathers when a spaceship flew by.[3]

Mace Martingale told Marvin and Wendy that a certain "pesky feller" was balder than a "speckled hen's" egg.[4]

When Marvin White and Wendy Harris discovered strange footprints in Cave County, Marvin suspected they were giant chicken tracks.[5]

When Ten told the other members of the Royal Flush Gang that she was scared of Darkseid and that she was quitting the team, Ace told her that Darkseid wouldn't "understand someone turning chicken on him."[6]

Dishes made from chickens and their eggs

Restaurants that served chicken


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