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This page has material from the Super Amigos franchise. This includes any Superfriends or Super Powers material in the Spanish or Portuguese language. Although some material may be canon, others may be subject to dispute.

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A song by Cheech & Chong.[1]

Cheech & Chong was a musical comedy duo that formed in 1971.

They were well-known for their music and comic skits that often focused on the lifestyle of a person under the influence of marijuana.


Cheech Marin

Richard "Cheech" Marin (born July 13, 1946) was a Mexican-American comedian, actor and writer.

He was born in Los Angeles, California.

He founded Cheech & Chong along with Tommy Chong in 1971.

Tommy Chong

Thomas Bing Kin Chong (born May 24, 1938) was a Canadian-American actor, director and musician.

He was born in Alberta, Canada in 1938.

He founded Cheech & Chong along with Cheech Marin in 1971.



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A monkey thought that Rubberduck was a basketball and started dribbling him while singing the Cheech & Chong song Basketball Jones.[2]


Super Friends books


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