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Charlie Callas

Charlie Callas[1]

Charlie Callas (December 20, 1927 – January 27, 2011) was an American comedian and actor most commonly known for his work with Mel Brooks, Jerry Lewis, and Dean Martin and his many stand-up appearances on television talk shows in the 1970s. He was also known for his role as Malcolm Argos, the restaurant owner and former con man, on the Eddie Albert and Robert Wagner television series Switch.

Tony Belmont, executive director of the National Comedy Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Florida said about Callas, "There were two things he could do that made his career, He could think very fast on his feet, and he had an unbelievable number of sounds that he made with his voice. He would tell a joke about two guys hunting. If you or I told it, the joke wasn't so funny. But Charlie made it hysterical by sticking in these sounds; so you would hear the gun cocking, the duck flying overhead, the explosion of the shotgun and then the duck falling and screaming all the way to the ground."

He also played Sinestro in the Super Friends live-action specials: Legends of the Superheroes, in which he appeared in both episodes.


  1. This photo was taken in 1956.
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