A delivery truck's cargo.[1]

Cargo (also called freight)[2] is any item or items that is transported to specific locations by automobile, ship, train or airplane.

The G.E.E.C. cargo plane was an aircraft designed to haul cargo without the aid of a pilot, because it was fully automated by the G.E.E.C. computer.[3]

A cargo net is used to lift cargo on ships.[4]

A Delivery truck was transporting its' cargo, which was raw plastic, to the G.R.E.P.S. Research Station. It never made it however, as the truck came to a FRERP duplicate of the building instead, giving their cargo into the hands of King Plasto.[5]

A cargo ship is a type of ship specially designed to transport cargo. One particular type of cargo ship is a transatlantic freighter.[6]

The Blue Jet's cargo of quark cylinders were loaded onto racks at UltraTech.[7]

A freight carrier is a type of submarine designed to haul cargo.[8]

An Ambro Freight truck is a truck that the Ambro Freight company uses to haul cargo.[9]

The Mole family's drillmobile was equipped with a cargo hatch, which after opening it, they had a walking tree load all of their stolen air conditioners in.[10]

Jet Cargo 847 was a cargo jet bound for the Harbor City Airport that Superman saved from a crash landing.[11]


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