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Captain California
Christopher Hensel 2.jpg
Species: Metahuman
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Base: Hero High
Affiliations: Hero High (band)
Abilities: His dazzling smile can blind people
Weaponry: Wipeout, his artificially intelligent flying surfboard
Voiced/Played: Christopher Hensel

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Christopher Hensel 4.jpg

Captain California was the lead singer of the band Hero High, and a superhero student at Hero High school.

He air surfed on a robotic surf board called Wipeout, which allowed him to fly. His girlfriend was fellow student and band member Glorious Gal.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers




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  • He gets his name from the state of California, a place well known for its' surf culture.
  • He has a rivalry with fellow student and band member Rex Ruthless, who also is in love with Glorious Gal and wants her for himself, but instead he hangs around Dirty Trixie.
  • He was also a Live Action in the NBC Saturday Morning "Super Power Hour" with all the voice actors playing their live action parts.