C.C. Haly

Robin tells his fellow Super Friends about how he used to be a circus performer[1] at Haly's Circus, which was owned by the ringmaster, C.C. Haly.[2]

C.C. Haly is the ringmaster and owner of Haly's Circus. He was present when Dick Grayson's parents; John and Mary Grayson were murdered by Tony Zucco, which meant the end of the circus's Flying Graysons act.


  • C.C. Haly never appeared in the series or in any other related material, but he was indirectly referenced in the The Planet-Splitter, in which Robin tells his fellow Super Friends about his days in the circus.
  • C.C. Haly made his first appearance in Detective Comics Vol 1. # 38 (April 1940).


Super Friends


  1. As seen in The Planet-Splitter.
  2. The name's Haly's Circus and C.C. Haly weren't used in the episode, this is just conjecture based upon DC Comics.

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