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A human female's butt.[1]

The butt, also called ass and booty; was anatomically the rear end of a Humanoid life form and some other forms of life.



In 1980, when the Wonder Twins were saving two teenagers from a volcano at Mount Metropolis, they all jumped out of the opening, and Gleek landed butt-first on a cactus, which poked his butt.[2]

When the Wonder Twins were on their way to Make-Out Mountain to rescue some teenagers from falling over the cliff in their car, Jayna; who was in the form of an eagle, was pursued by another eagle who apparently wanted a "bird booty call."[3]

New Earth

While visiting this reality, Bat-Mite got poked in the butt with Aquaman's hook.[4]

Alternate Universe

On this Earth, the Super Friends assumed that Superman was a racist. At one point when Superman was saying something offensive, Black Vulcan said "somebody shut his ass up!"[5]

Circa 2012, when it was learned that pornographic video with Wonder Woman was uploaded to the Internet by Flash, he told the other Super Friends that when he finds out who did it, then he would "kick his ass."[6]


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