Burger King

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman at Burger King.[1]

Burger King was a fast food restaurant chain that was founded in Florida in 1953.

They primarily sold hamburgers and french fries, and they were well-known for their world renowned Whopper.


One day in the JLA Satellite, the Super Powers Team use the transmatter to teleport to San Marcos, leaving Robin behind. He then began to think about how everyone else was on an exciting mission while he was 22,300 miles away from the nearest Burger King.[2]

After a conflict in outer space with Darkseid,[3] the Super Powers Team return to Earth, and set down at a Burger King restaurant.[4]

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Burger King in the Real world


The Burger King logo[5]

DC Super Friends Burger King

DC Super Friends Kids Meal toys.[6]

Burger King is a fast food chain that sells hamburgers. They are among the most popular fast food restaurants in the world. Rivaled by McDonald's and only a few others.

In 1986, Burger King produced some cup-holders and a kids meal to tie-in with Kenner's Super Powers Collection. Pepsi was one of the sponsors.

In 2016, Burger King released a kid's meal for the DC Super Friends, which featured six toys in the collection.


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