Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny
Real name: Bugs Bunny
AKA: Super Bugs
Species: Rabbit
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Looneyverse
Hair: gray
Eyes: brown
Base: A forest a rabbit hole.
Affiliations: Looney Tunes
Voiced/Played: Jeff Bergman
Bugs Bunny (The Joker's Playhouse)

Bugs Bunny[1]

Bugs Bunny was a rabbit that typically dwelt in a forest. He was a native of a different Earth, an alternate Earth that was inhabited by a variety of talking animals.

Because of this, Bugs himself was capable of verbal communication. Although Bugs Bunny was real in his own world, he was likely considered a fictional character on Earth-Thirty-Two, just like Fred Flintstone and Yogi Bear.[2]

Bugs Bunny was well-known for his rascally personality and overall childish behavior. He also loves munching on carrots and being an antagonist to hunters; who often tried to shoot him with their guns, especially around "wabbit season."

Bugs Bunny has occasionally teamed up with the Super Friends of his Earth, facing supervillains and having adventures in outer space.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers





  • Bugs Bunny first appeared in the Warner Bros. cartoon A Wild Hare (1940).[4]
  • Bugs Bunny made his first appearance in a DC comic book in Bugs Bunny # 1 (June 1990).[5]


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