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Series 1 – 1984
16 Brainiac

The Living Computer

Not too long ago, our time, the computers on the distant planet of Colu gained sentience and took over the planet. The computers then created a humanoid spy, gave it increased intelligence, and named it Brainiac. Sent to earth, Brainiac ran afoul of Superman time and again but was always defeated. After their last battle, Brainiac's human-seeming body was trapped at the core of a planet and then destroyed, leaving him to drift formless until happening on a world of sentient machines where he built his new robotic body.

Figure Stats:
Brainiac is nicely sculpted and vac-metallized, with a see-through hex patterned brain-dome. He does a tremendously powerful high-kick when his arms are squeezed together.

For many years, Brainiac was a green human looking character. Right before the creation of the Super Powers line, he was redesigned into a Terminator like robot. This version was very shortly lived, however, and in the new DC continuity he is once again green and humanoid. Brainiac's power action was called the Power Action Computer Kick. This was the more robotic figure made by Kenner in 1984. The more humanoid variant (aka Coluan) was made in 2009 by Industrial Toy Werks, but with considerably lesser quality.

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Super Powers Collection


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Series 1 - 1984

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